Instances from the Laws

Question 1.

The bowler has commenced his run up and is about to deliver the ball when you notice a close-in fielder significantly adjusting his position. What action does the striker’s end umpire take?

Call and signal Dead ball and instruct the fielder to take the position he wishes to adopt and conform to the requirements of the Law.

Question 2.

Twenty five minutes before the scheduled commencement of play, the captain of the batting team requests a practice session on a pitch not adjacent to the match day pitch. What is the decision of the umpires?

Do not allow the practice.

Question 3.

A fielder leaves the field at 1535 and is still absent when play is suspended for rain at 1600. Play resumes at 1635. The fielder returns to the field at 1640. When is he permitted to bowl?


Question 4.

The batsmen have crossed on their second run when the (original) non-striker wilfully deflects the returning ball with a hand not holding the bat. This has occurred on the fifth ball of the over in progress. There is an appeal. How should the appeal be answered? Are any runs allowed? Who will face the next delivery?

Out, Handled the ball. One run is recorded. The striker from the previous delivery will face the next delivery.

Question 5.

The scheduled close of play is 1730 and at 1650 a result is reached. At 1705 an error is found in the scorebook and the umpires call on the players to resume at 1715. Until what time could play continue?


Question 6.

A fair ball is hit into the air towards the bowler. As the bowler is about to catch the ball, he is wilfully shouldered away by the non-striker. On appeal, what action does the umpire take?

Give the striker out, Obstructing the field.

Question 7.

The batsman pulls a No ball which strikes the helmet being worn by the fielder at short leg. The ball is then caught by the fielder before touching the ground, who then puts the striker’s wicket down with the striker out of his ground and not attempting a run. There is an appeal. How should the appeal be answered?

Give the striker out, Run out.

Question 8.

The bowler has commenced his run up, but not entered his delivery stride. He notices the striker batting out of his crease and throws the ball at the striker’s wicket. The ball strikes the wicket, and it is put down with the striker still out his ground. There is an appeal. What should happen now?

Either umpire should call and signal No ball. Striker’s end umpire should give the striker out, Run out.

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