2010/11 End of Season Reports

8A Report

Players: Corey Alford, Ryan Barden, Akash Biradar, Jesse Campbell, Brayden Johnston, Beau McInerney, Ethan Nance, Luke Ritchie, Kye Robson

This is the second cricket season for most of the boys. Their skills improved throughout the year, with some terrific catches taken, cracking fours hit and some awesome direct hits throwing down the stumps for some great run outs. The boys enjoyed themselves both at training and at the game, having lots of fun.

Corey Alford: A seasoned veteran playing his 2 year.  Corey bowled leg cutters troubling a lot of the batsmen. Corey batted consistently all year and took some terrific catches at mid wicket.


Ryan Barden:  A second year player that could hit the ball with purpose.  Ryan was one of our leading wicket takers this season. It was good to see Ryan’s excitement after each wicket fell.  Ryan learnt quickly not to ask when he was bowling or batting.

Akashi Biradar: Another leading wicket taker in his second year also.  Akashi bowled consistently on the stumps and didn’t give anything away. Akash was all ways keen in the field, to take a catch or throw down the stumps for a run out.

Jesse Campbell: Jesse is a keen cricketer who had a lot of fun in his second year.   Jesse was keen to field in any position and always tried his best with bat and ball.  He developed some consistent bowling towards the end of the year.  Keep up the good work.

Brayden Johnston: A second year player with plenty of talent with the bat.  When he hit the ball, he hit it as though all balls were going to the boundary and no-one was going to stop them.  Brayden threw down the stumps on several occasions resulting in run outs and tried hard all year.

Beau McInerney: Our left hand batsman playing his second year who wasn’t frightened of the fast bowlers.   Beau could guide the ball off the bat all round the park with ease. Beau’s bowling improved throughout the year.

Ethan Nance:  This was Ethan’s first year and he was our greatest improver in the team. Ethan’s bowling and batting improved every game, and he became more confident in the field as the year progressed and tried hard in every position.  Well done.

Luke Ritchie: Another second year player.  Luke is ‘Mister Consistent’ for the year.  Another boy who could hit the ball with great force. Luke bowl’s with pace and is very accurate for his age.  He was very competitive in the field and doesn’t allow any batsmen easy runs.

Kye Robson: This was Kye’s first year also and his cricket improved throughout the year. Kye listened to the advice he was given and batted with a straight bat to prevent being bowled. Kye took a couple of screaming catches at mid wicket to be proud of.  Great job.

I’d like to thank all the parents for the scoring and getting the boys ready to bat. I hope to see the boys back next year.  To the boys going up to the under 10’s, practice hard in the off season because you have a longer pitch and heavier ball.  Good luck.

To Leanne thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow and up to date with all of the clubs procedures, it’s been a pleasure to have you as manager.


8B2-Red Report

Players: Nathan Allen, Eli Ferguson, Austin Furlong, Adam Garment, Harry Goldsmith, Liam Hagarty, Iain Rafferty, Zoe Stephen, Luke Wallace, Joshua Witts.

What a fantastic cricket season for the 8B2 Red team.  Our team was full of enthusiastic and keen players who worked together as a team from the first game.  It certainly was a fun and enjoyable six months.  All players improved greatly as the season went on and all players were batting and bowling well by the last game, which was great to see.  We managed to 7/10 matches due to the players giving it all they had each and every week.

Thanks to all the parents for getting the kids to training and the games and cheering us on from the sideline every week and giving your children the opportunity of playing this great sport.  We had a great little team and it was rewarding to see and celebrate their individual achievements each week.  Thanks also to our stand-in coaches Peter and Glen.

I think it is safe to say the whole team, including all the parents had a fantastic and most enjoyable season.  We hope to see you all back in the Engadine Dragons caps next year.

Nathan Allen:  Nathan was a hard working member of the team who was determined to improve his bowling and developed a straight and easy action which saw him succeed in his mission by claiming his first wickets in Match 9 and another 2 the following week, along with 2 maidens in each of those weeks also.  The best part of Nathan’s game however was with the bat, scoring a total of 98 runs for the season with a best of 19.  Nathan was also quite handy in the field with 2 great run-out’s.

Eli Ferguson:  Eli is a passionate, competitive and willing player.  Eli showed that size doesn’t matter when it comes to big hits, scoring a massive 11 boundaries and he was super quick between the wickets and developed a good batting technique for a total of 104 runs for the season.  Eli’s bowling and fielding ability improved a great deal which saw him achieving 4 wickets and 1 run out.

Austin Furlong: Austin’s cricket skills continued to strengthen each match.  Austin is a great fieldsman, always trying his best not to let any ball pass him.  A great cover fielder and backed up well behind the wickets earning him 2 run outs.  Austin featured in many high scoring partnerships and proved himself a great team member.  Austin managed 32 runs with the bat and his bowling vastly improved over the season which saw him develop a good bowling style and take 6 great wickets.

Adam Garment:  Adam showed perseverance and enthusiasm from the start of the season to the finish.  Adam’s bowling improved from nearly all sundries to 90% on the pitch by the Christmas break and was finally rewarded with his first wicket for the season in Match 8 (not only did he get his first wicket that game but his 2nd and 3rd) and a total of 4 wickets for the season.  Adam’s highest score with the bat was 10no in the last match (even finding his first boundary behind square leg) for total of 44 runs for the year.

Harry Goldsmith:  Harry displayed great all round talents and excelled in both batting and fielding. Harry entertained the crowd with his big hits and was our highest run scorer with a whopping 261 runs and a highest score of 35no and only 2 dismissals.  Harry showed us he can bat and enjoyed each of the 20 boundaries and 1 six.  Harry also showed his skills in the field with 8 wickets, 3 maidens, 4 catches and 9 run-outs (most of which he got by “running” them out rather than throwing the ball to on to the stumps).

Liam Hagarty:  Liam was always smiling and got on with the job at hand.  Liam displayed great sportsmanship and is a true team player.  Liam had a great season with the bat scoring 45 runs and smashing 5 boundaries.  Liam bowled some tidy overs and took 5 wickets with his best being 2/8.  Liam was a pleasure to coach and I hope he keeps up his effort and great attitude in the coming years.

Iain Rafferty:  Ian performed consistently throughout the season and was another of our great improvers who developed his all round cricket skills by the end of the season.  Iain scored a total of 32 runs and was dismissed only 3 times all year.  Iain gave a strong effort in bowling earning 1 wicket and 2 maidens. Iain was quite handy in the field gaining 1 run-out and our only wicket keeper stumping.

Zoe Stephen:  Zoe was the quiet achiever of our team, as the only girl in the squad she certainly had her work cut out for her amongst all those boys.  Zoe is an absolutely lovely girl and displayed a true passion for cricket and gave 100% every week.  Zoe never stopped trying and was rewarded with her first wicket in the last few overs of the season. Zoe scored a total of 13 with the bat and proved to be a great batting partner.

Luke Wallace:  As one of the youngest in the team Luke grew into the game and firmly stamped his mark on the results in the second half of the season.  Luke’s cricketing skills improved dramatically and by season end Luke was bowling straight and quick and was improving on his highest batting score of 21 with a total of 90 for the season (including 4 boundaries).  In the field, Luke made a brilliant catch, threw in for 3 run-outs and 5 wickets with his best of 3-11.  Special mention to Luke’s cheer squad and biggest fan in his little brother Jake who I am sure kept Luke going and achieving some big run totals.

Joshua Witts:  Josh demonstrated some excellent skills with both bat and in the field.  Josh showed a real flair for wicket keeping with our one and only keeper catch and the lowest keeper byes in the team. Josh has a great throwing arm with precision accuracy for a total of 4 run-outs all thrown from a decent distance from the stumps.  Josh scored 74 runs with the bat (including 4 boundaries) and 9 great bowling wickets, most of all were screamers which sent the stumps flying.  His best result in his bowling was 3 wickets in 1 game.

COACH: MARK ALLEN                                    MANAGER: JUSTINE GARMENT

8B2 – Blue Report

Players: Clinton Browne, Ben Cameron, Flynn Crewes, Adam Findley, Aaron Hanlon, Matthew Hull,  Isaac Lemeki-Uebel, Ty Parkes, Dominic Spowart, Ben Walker.

With all but two of the side in their first season of cricket and the coach dragged out of a 15 year retirement from coaching much older players, we all had a lot to learn!  Early on, we established that we would be learning not just the skills of the game, but some of the bigger lessons that cricket can teach such as teamwork, respect, patience, perseverance and responsibility to others.  Above all, we were determined to have fun!

In the skills department, we certainly achieved our goals, with everyone improving over the course of the season, such that

  • Every player could run in and bowl with a straight arm.
  • Every player had scored at least one boundary while batting.
  • Every player had prevented at least one boundary while fielding.
  • All but two players had participated in at least one 50 run partnership.


We certainly had fun doing it.  There was always a laugh at practice – box-jocks or two pair of undies was preferred, one pair of undies was OK, but no undies and a box in place made you “run funny” between the wickets!  And who will forget the monster willy-willy in our first match that carried the bails and two caps to the boundary and had both coaches anxiously doing head-counts?

The most pleasing aspect of the season however, was the team’s growth in learning the bigger lessons. All players were respectful of each other, the coach and the opposing team, whether winning or losing. They never gave up and certainly learned perseverance as the season dished up some very hot and windy weather.  In the true spirit of the game, every player called on to field for the opposition did so without complaint and gave their best.  In the process, they all became great mates.

No coach can do it all alone and I would like to acknowledge the assistance of all the parents and grandparents who assisted in running the training sessions and on game day. In particular, I would like to thank Fiona Spowart, Darren Parkes, Brett Findley and Darren Hull for helping to run the skills training sessions, Janet Legge-Uebel for managing the batting pairs and player rotations on game day and Mark Cameron and Brett Findley for their excellent score keeping.

In summary, it was an excellent season from a group of players of whom the club, coach and parents are justifiably proud.

Clinton “Kallis” Browne: A naturally talented sportsman, Clinton’s all round abilities with the bat and the ball are reminiscent of the great Jacques Kallis.  In our second last match, he snared a hat-trick, all bowled, as part of a three maiden spell and was the season’s leading run-scorer.  Combined with a powerful throw and safe pair of hands, Clinton has the potential to play cricket at the highest levels of the game.

Ben “Sweeper” Cameron: Long before the coach even attempted to teach the sweep shot, (something that wasn’t even in the curriculum for another couple of years), in game two Ben showed everyone how to execute it to perfection. It was the first of many for the season and any full-pitched ball on leg stump was summarily despatched.  Our only left-hander, Ben also bowled “Chinamen” off a variable length run-up which often took batsmen (and even the umpire) by surprise!

Flynn “Rowdy” Crewes: Flynn was our youngest team member and his quiet demeanour naturally earned him the “rowdy” handle!  Although only available for the first four games, Flynn is a big fan of the game, regularly attending representative matches.  His highlight of the season was convincing the (now ex-) Australian cricket captain, Rick Ponting, to pose for a photo with him at the SCG – well done Flynn!

Adam “Deadly” Findley: Our leading wicket taker for the season, with a miserly bowling average of 5.6, Adam was deadly accurate with the ball in hand. Amazingly, he took a wicket with his first ball of a spell on six separate occasions!  Adam worked hard at practice and was keen to learn new techniques. His batting improved remarkably as the season progressed, with his cover driving and cutting being the most technically correct in the side.

Aaron “The Joker” Hanlon: Every team has a joker and Aaron was the “Merv Hughes” of the Blues! With the uncanny ability to consistently ignore the coach’s advice, he would have everyone in stitches when he begged to be sent on two laps of the oval as punishment!  (We suspect this came from his football coach.)  Despite all this, Aaron loved being involved and even a smashed big toe could not keep him off the field for long.  He finished the season as a competent bowler and batsman, with his wicket-keeping being a highlight.

Matt “Masher” HullAnother player who loved being involved, Matt is a powerful striker of the ball.  As he gains strength, he soon will be clearing the boundary with his long hitting.  Matt loved a challenge and at training when the coach offered a can of drink to the player who could hit the stumps when bowling to an unguarded wicket, he proceeded to hit them not once, but seven times!  Behind the stumps, Matt was confident and always showed good footwork.

Isaac “Panther” Lemeki-Uebel: Whether he was prowling the covers, bowling or running between wickets, Isaac’s speed was a true asset to the side.  An unselfish batsman, he early on grasped the concept of turning over the strike to build partnerships, whilst his on-driving was a pleasure to watch. He was fearless in the field, stopping numerous “hot” drives and he took the most catches and run-outs for the season.  Isaac developed a fast outswinger that was often unplayable and he will benefit from using a heavier ball in coming seasons.

Ty “Tonker” Parkes: It always helps to have older brothers who play the game and Ty certainly benefited from playing back yard cricket against bigger opposition.  With bat in hand, no bowler intimidated him and he regularly had the opposition chasing leather to the boundary and beyond.  In the field, he produced some spectacular diving saves to prevent boundaries and quickly grasped the concept of backing up.  Ty’s bowling improved dramatically in the second half of the season and his passion for the game was an example to the whole team.

Dom “Dynamo” Spowart: Our secret weapon, this “pocket rocket” is living proof that good things come in small packages!  Dom has been blessed with the most natural bowling action in the side and with another season in under 8s he will be at the top of the bowling averages.  As the season progressed, his confidence with bat in hand also improved, culminating in a 45 run partnership where Dom scored half the runs, including two boundaries. A great clubman, Dom attended every practice session, even when he was unavailable for the following Saturday.

Ben “Magic” WalkerComing from a basketball background, Ben used his height to advantage, although he probably wished he was 15cms shorter on the day he was hit on the chin by a bean ball.  He showed his tenacity, however, by batting on after a quick application of the “magic sponge”!  Over the course of the season, Ben worked really hard on all his skills – his batting, bowling and fielding all showed dramatic improvement, taking a wicket and a great catch in the second last match and scoring two boundaries in his last innings.


10A Report


Players: Harrison Blacker, Ben Clarke, Ryan Collins, Daniel Entwistle, Liam Hienz, Reece Kelly, Jack Metcalfe, Daniel Pascoe, Andrew Ritchie, Liam Roche, Joshua Smith, Cameron Westlake.

This was always going to be a tough season for the boys. With many of them playing competitive ‘A’ grade cricket for the first time, they really needed to step up. What we didn’t expect was that they would go through the season with only one loss and take on the superstars from Gymea in the Final!

The boys proved this year that effort at training and listening certainly did show in their performances on Saturday mornings. They won games against some strong opposition when the odds were against them, and they did it in style. Thank you boys for making one coach start to go bald and for making the other coach finish going grey!!!

Harrison Blacker: (HB, PENCIL) Harrison was the team’s premier fast bowler and highest wicket taker.Harrison strength was his bowling length which made him unplayable at times and put fear into many opposition batsmen. As a hard hitting batsman, Harrison was saved for the lower-middle order to come in and smash a few around when we needed a run rate boost. Well done Harrison.

Ben Clarke: (THE MAN OF STEEL) Clarkey was a good option to change the pace in the bowling attack and a great backup wicket keeper. Ben was a good defensive batsman at the end of an innings and showed this in the Final when he starred in a last wicket partnership to take us closer to victory. Great season Ben!

Ryan Collins: (HOFFY) Ryan is a classy opening batsman who puts plenty of value on his wicket. He never gave up and worked hard at taking the shine off the ball and setting it up for our middle order. Ryan took up wicket keeping as well this year and improved out of sight to become one of the best keepers in the whole grade. See you next year mate.

Daniel Entwistle: (WHISTLER) Daniel this season stood out as a batsman, scoring at a quick rate and looking classy in the process. Daniel scored his 170 runs at an average of around 25. Very sharp in the field, no one bothered taking a single when it was hit to Daniel as they would surely be run out. Not his year with the ball but I know that he will be working hard towards dominating with the ball next year. Thanks for a great year mate.

Liam Heinz: (SPAGHETTI) Liam was one of our bowling secret weapons this year and we brought him on in the right situations to crush teams when they were down. His good line and length was his strong point and it saw him grab 10 wickets this year at a very low average. Liam was moved around the batting order this year, and he was OK with batting anywhere the coaches asked from opener to number eleven and he didn’t let us down. Well done.

Reece Kelly: (NED) Reece was one of our two first year U/10’s and he stepped up to the plate big time. His straight bowling and good defensive batting made it very hard for the opposition to ever get on top of him. Reece was a gun in the field and has an unbelievably strong arm for a little fella. Stood up with the ball to the big boys in the Final and showed the potential he has. Great season mate..Look out next year’s U/10’s comp!

Jack Metcalfe: (THE RIPPER) Jack was our other first year U/10’s and he improved out of sight as the season progressed. Jack always put in 100% and this showed in his batting, bowling and fielding in every game. Jack was the other half of the last wicket partnership in the Final and showed that he is going to be a force to be reckoned with in next year’s U/10’s..Well done mate!

Daniel Pascoe: (LENNY) I don’t know whether I have ever seen a kid that puts in as much effort as Daniel. Throughout the season Lenny improved in all facets of his game which resulted in him getting the opening batting position late in the season and our team’s vice captaincy in the Final.Congratulations Daniel, every side needs a great team player and you were ours..Good luck next year!

Andrew Ritchie: (RICHIE RICH) Andrew is up there with the strongest players in this age group and was our most consistent player with bat and ball. Great all-rounder who scored over 125 runs and took 6 wickets at a low average..Add to this his 5 catches in the field and you can see what this kid is capable of. When we can get him to talk…I reckon there is a very knowledgeable captain in there. Congratulations on a great year mate!

Liam Roche: (SMILEY) Liam was another one of our all-round guns this year. Liam batted up the order to take the shine off the ball which he did successfully all season. Liam’s ‘donkey drop’ bowling took some high profile wickets this year and when he wasn’t singing in the outfield he was taking catches. Great season mate and you were a pleasure to have in the team, well done!

Joshua Smith: (CAPTAIN COURAGEOUS) Josh as captain definitely led from the front. His batting yielded 193 runs..He took 10 wickets with the ball..and took an amazing 11 catches and 1 run out in the field! Smithy’s well thought out decisions in the field made the coaches look good at times this season. Josh’s performance as captain in the Final showed maturity well beyond his years and deserves all the success that we are sure he will get in the future. Congratulations Josh!

Cameron Westlake: (KAMRAN AKMAL) Cameron is a keeper.I mean batsman.I mean spin bowler.. I mean cover fieldsman..OK he does everything! Westy kept showing his coaches something new each week and this live wire left his mark on the competition week in week out with stellar performances in whatever he was doing. Cam is the motivator and driving force in the field that every team needs. Well done Akmal!

We would like to thank all of our parents for the support you have given us, and more importantly the support you have given your kids this season.  A big Thanks also goes to our faithful and hard-working manager Stef..Thanks for your support mate.


10B Report

Players: Joel Beatton, Michael Beavan, Seth Denning, Nathan Freestone, Luke Goodman, Nathan Hall, Jack Heffernan, Joshua Holt, Hunter Johnson, Lachlan Keough, Daniel MacDonald, Jonah Newton.

The 10bs had a great year finishing 3rd in a tough competition. The team was unlucky not to reach the grand final, needing to beat or tie with the undefeated Caringbah in the last game of the year to move through. All the boys through them self’s into the game in their best display of the year, but where beaten in the last over of the game by two runs,(Caringbah went on to win the premiership).Even though we had lost and there was  obvious disappointment, I was never more proud of the boys than at that moment after giving their all, in a good hard sportsman like display that rattled their opponents right to the end of the game.

Big thank you to Brad Heffernan who mentored me from a Modified coach to a traditional rules coach, whos advice was always trusted. Also thanks to Kerry Beatton our Manager and Craig (bear) Beatton our ever reliable scorer during the season.

Joel Beatton– Forever trustworthy Joel, opening bowler, opening batsman, inspirational in the field, when ever things got tight I could always turn to Joel . Joel was a pleasure to coach, a player with an abundance of natural talent, who has a big future in the game.

Michael Beaven- Michael started the season slowly, lacking some confidence. Towards the middle of the season Michael started to excel and become quite troublesome to his opponents both with his unique bowling style, and speed between wickets.

Seth Denning– Our fastest bowler, who often scared the heck out of his opponents with his bowling speed, and was often called on to bowl when the team was struggling, and on more than one occasion was instrumental in close wins. Seths batting ability and speed between the wickets was always enjoyable as a coach to watch. Well done Seth you had a great year, and were a great asset to the team.

Nathan Freestone– The rookie of the team, and a truly exciting find .It was exciting to watch Nathan throw himself into the game with a truly natural ability. He proved himself early in the season both as a fast bowler, and, batsman, and later as a backup wicket keeper. Well done mate

Luke Goodman– Another player who at the beginning of the season to lacked confidence in his own ability, and playing knowledge. He was however a pleasure to coach and watch as he grew in the game, and thrived in the team atmosphere. His biggest asset was his ever-present smile and his wiliness to give 100% of himself regardless weather at training or in a game, a true asset to the team. It is always a pleasure to coach a real team player; hopefully Luke will play many more seasons for the Dragons in the future.

Nathan Hall- One of my accurate strike fast bowlers and leading wicket taker for the season. Always eager to participate in every aspect of the game, often called on to bowl the team out of trouble. Nathan lacked confidence with the bat, but was always keen to try to improve. Well done mate another great year.

Jack Heffernan– Jack was a very good middle order batsman and bowler, and the fielder. He gave a 100% of himself during training and in a game, and never disappointed when given a job to do, a real pleasure to coach. Another player that has shown great potential during the year and hopefully will play for the Dragons for many more seasons.

Joshua Holt– Mr reliable, excellent bowler, top order batsman, Brilliant in the field, often catching the missiles belted at him by his opponents with great regularity, well done mate you had a great year, you have been a pleasure to coach.

Hunter Johnstone– The quiet achiever, one of our two full time wicket keepers, who showed great dexterity, and reflexes throughout the year, as well as being a very capable middle order batsman and bowler .His Loyalty to his team mates was unquestionable, at one stage refusing to attend a friend’s birthday party until late after bating and retiring at 25no, staying back in case he was needed to come back in. Well done Hunter you had a great year.

Lachlan Keough-Lachlan was another player that lacked confidence in the first few games of the year, but went on to be the third highest wicket taker of the year. His speed between wickets led to a number of memorable high scoring batting partnerships throughout the season, he was keen to have a go at any fielding position. His improvement in his bowling can be attributed to his wiliness listen and learn, well done mate you had a great year.

Daniel MacDonald– The second of our two wicket keepers, who excelled in that position throughout the season, He was also exceptional with the bat, and was the highest scoring batsman in the team .Daniel was also a handy quick bowler. Well done Daniel you had a great year well done mate.

Jonah Newton-A very good middle order batsman and bowler, and lightening fast when both fielding and bating ,who has shown he has what it takes to be a very good cricketer, always keen to participate in any job assigned to him, well done mate.



10D Report

Players: Blake Barden, Mitchell Betts, Jack Cassidy, Riley Coman, Aiden Hickey, Harrison Long, Harrison Noakes, Dylan Parkes, Henri Savage, Liam Shiagetz, Emily Smith, Koby Spring, Scott Wilkes.

As coach of this team of little champions I can honestly say I have enjoyed being involved with them all throughout the season, helping them learn the basic skills of playing and enjoying cricket.

It was such a close competition that by the end of the season it was between our team and two others that were fighting to see who would face Caringbah in the Final. In the end we didn’t quite make it finishing a very successful third.

Aiden Hickey – his batting got bigger and better each game, and his ‘Murali’ bowling had the opposition batsmen bewildered.

Riley Coman – his bowling always slowed the opposition run rate down which made him invaluable to the team.

Koby Spring – solid in batting and was able to mix his bowling style up from spin to pace. When in the field he was always looking for the run-out.

Mitchell Betts – demon quick that struck fear into the opposition batsmen as they quite often watched their stumps fly apart.

Dylan Parkes – won the batting award for the team. Every time he came out to bat the opposition fieldsmen scattered to the boundary ropes, most times in vain.

Scott Wilkes – has got hands of glue. Made some hard catches look easy which is the reason why he has won the fielding award.

Blake Barden – could make the ball move off the pitch both ways which grabbed many wickets.

Emily Smith – without doubt the most accurate bowler in the team who frustrated many batsmen with her away swing. Her fielding improved each game.

Jack Cassidy – another player who showed great potential with bat and ball. I always relied on him getting some runs and taking wickets when needed.

Harry Noakes – from the start to the end of the season, our teams most improved player in batting, bowling, and fielding.

Harry Long – another one who’s bowling improved out of sight each game. Ran fast between the wickets when batting, and always looking for the quick single.

Henri Savage – for the first half of the season his batting was definitely the stand-out. He was unlucky to miss the rest of the season with a busted arm otherwise he could have been in a position to win the batting award.

Whether you have won an individual award or not doesn’t matter, if you enjoyed playing cricket, does. Playing with old friends and new friends is what it’s all about. Learning how to play cricket is just the added bonus – and always remember, training is just as important as game day.

COACH: GLENN HICKEY                                                MANAGER: KEVIN COMAN

12A Report


Players: Max Batty, Dylan Croker, Jack Dwarshuis, Alex Lee, Jarrod Mazurkiewicz, Luke Miller, Josh Perritt, Jay Shearman, Matt Simpson, Dylan Smith, Harry Tattersall

WELL DONE boys! Another successful cricket season completed, two competition trophies won and for many of you a SSJCA Rep winners medal as well. A lot of cricket played and to achieve what you did in the season has been a fantastic effort.

We started this year with pretty much the same group of boys that played together in the 10A’s two years ago, all very talented sportsmen and keen to combine again to try and emulate last season’s 12A winners. We knew the opposition were going to be much improved and they didn’t disappoint. I think most teams associated with this grade would agree that this 12A comp was one of the most even in quite a few years.

Our batting proved to be a bit up and down throughout the season, a combination of the opposition really standing up and also the boys being a bit complacent during some games thinking that others were going to score the runs for us. The batting numbers show that all of the boys contributed to the run scoring with no one player standing out above the others. We did have a policy that the batting orders would be rotated during the year and this policy allowed everyone to get a reasonable opportunity at batting.

Our bowling started off a little slowly however as the season wore on the boys bowled with skill and discipline. We had a really good combination of bowling choices, pace, swing, off spin and leg spin, allowing us to keep the opposition down to gettable targets. Our fielding was its usual brilliant self.

After a few hiccups during the regular playing season we managed to squeeze in to the final against Gymea. They had beaten us in the final round to claim the minor premiership and, rightly so, started as slight favourites. Our boys did, however, have the advantage of previous finals playing experience and this showed on game day with us convincingly outplaying the Gymea boys to retain the 12A premiership for the Engadine Dragons. This was a terrific effort by the boys and they can feel rightly proud to have claimed the premier’s trophy.

We also entered the Cricket NSW Weetbix T20 competition with the intention of having fun and maybe going a little further than last year’s team. The scoreboard shows that we won the trophy beating Panania East Hills RSL in the final at the SCG. What it doesn’t show is the journey we had on our way to that final. This format was new to a lot of our boys and wow did they step up and play out of their skins. We really benefitted playing on some beautiful grounds where our batsmen were able to get value for their shots hit along the ground. The boys enjoyed the facilities at the grounds once we reached the final’s stages, turf wickets, carpet like outfields, proper change rooms … Come finals day the boys felt very privileged to have the opportunity of going in to the Australian dressing room to prepare and then run out on to the hallowed SCG turf. The boys showed a lot of class to beat a team full of Bankstown Cawsey Shield Rep players. Our bowling and fielding were unbelievable and our batsmen chased down the small total with ease. Thank you to Tristian McGuire, Thomas Squire and Josh Smith for filling in during the competition when we had some boys away.

As the season progressed the team and captain were given more responsibility in the way they played the game and in their decision making. I saw this group mature as individuals and cricketers. All the best for those boys going in to 14’s next year and for the rest staying in 12’s. This was a long season and a considerable amount of cricket was played with club, T20 and rep games. The boys and I appreciate those parents who showed support throughout the season.

Thank you to Neil and Andrew and well done and thank you from all of the parents on running the successful Weetbix T20 team. Thank you also to Aaron for helping out at training and to the other parents who helped with the scoring on game days. I truly hope to see all of the boys back again in Dragons colours for next season.

Max Batty: One of the team’s Wicket Keepers Max’s performances behind the stumps improved as the season progressed. He has a very safe pair of hands and took some great catches in the outfield when not keeping. His catch to dismiss the Blacktown danger man in the Weetbix T20 Semi Final was magnificent.  He, like most of the first year U12’s, struggled at times with his batting however a great 41 in round 8 gave him much needed confidence that should carry on to next season.

Dylan Croker: Dyl had a very solid first year in U12’s with good performances with the bat and ball. His 20 odd against a very strong Caringbah bowling attack in round 7 showed that he has the game to play against the best of bowling attacks. He scored some good runs in the T20 comp when the opportunity arose. His bowling was a little erratic at times however he really stepped up to the plate in the Final against Gymea bowling a very disciplined spell to keep the pressure on. Dylan’s enthusiasm and talk in that final also showed that he is a big match player.


Jack Dwarshuis: Once again Jack is in the top group of bowlers for this age group. His bowling stats show that he was extremely hard to get away and very few batsmen took risks against him.  His bowling in the final against Gymea was a joy to watch, unplayable at times, he thoroughly deserved his 4 wickets in the game to be our man of the final. Jack’s batting came on beautifully as well with the highlight being his very fast scoring 103 retired in the game against Illawong. Jack was the team’s leading run scorer with 216 runs.


Alex Lee: A good year for Alex with his off spin bowling coming on in leaps and bounds. He was the team’s leading wicket taker with 13 scalps and was always difficult to get away in those middle overs. His bowling throughout the regular season and the T20 final at the SCG showed how effective he could be against good quality batting. His batting struggled at times however his 42 not out in round 8 showed us that he was quite capable with the bat when he set his mind to the batting side of things.


Jarrod Mazurkiewicz: Once again Jarrod stepped up to the plate and performed well in all disciplines. His batting was solid as usual and his numbers stacked up to the other top performers in the grade. He and most of the other good batsmen in the 12A comp struggled at times with the very slow outfields that did not encourage good stroke making. This was highlighted when we played on the very good T20 comp grounds where Jarrod scored a pile of runs. His leg spin bowling was very effective and his captaincy came along well as the season progressed.


Luke Miller:  Another outstanding cricketer Luke performed well throughout the season. His batting numbers were excellent with the highlight being his half century in round 7 against Caringbah. I believe this was the best batting performance of the season considering who it was against and the position we were in at the time. A very mature innings that helped us to win that important game. His bowling was as solid as usual and his fielding was up there with the best.


Josh Perritt: Josh keeps on improving and never let the team down when coming in to bat and bowl. His batting numbers were very good for a first year 12A player. Although he was unable to bowl for a few games due to a shoulder injury he still managed to take a good number of wickets. A very solid fieldsman and a safe pair of hands with some excellent catches taken made Josh a very valuable team member.


Jay Shearman: Mr “One liner” Jay was the character of the team and kept everyone on their toes. His batting was solid with a nice little cameo innings against Caringbah in round 7. When it came to bowling Jay was our “Doug Walters” of the team. He always managed to snare important wickets when he came on to bowl. I think a lot of people under estimated his bowling, to their detriment. Well done Jay, a good team man.


Matt Simpson: What can I say about Simo! A lot of cricketing talent and will only get better. He was up there with the batting numbers of the second year 12A boys and could have even improved on that if he did not run himself out on a couple of occasions. He shared the WK duties and shows a lot of potential behind the stumps. Simo went back to his bowling method of two seasons ago with line and length medium outswing bowling and reaped the rewards with a good tally of wickets.


Dylan Smith: Dylan’s figures in the batting and bowling departments were very good, contributing nicely throughout the season. His batting was very solid where he formed a good partnership with Simo as one of our team’s opening pairs. His bowling was lightening at times and he was by far the quickest in the 12A comp. Dylan was always difficult to get away and he took a good number of wickets during the season. He was also one of our best fieldsmen and threw down the stumps in the T20 semi final to run out one of Blacktown’s good batsmen.


Harry Tattersall: “Hazza” was our “team man”, well liked and respected by all of the boys. His batting was solid without getting to where it was capable of being. A great innings in the T20 final at the SCG showed us how good a batsman he could be. With a little more patience I’m sure the runs will come in the following seasons. He always bowled solidly and was a fortress in at short cover where he took a number of catches. Well done Harry.


12C Report

Players:  Joshua Alford, Joshua Berry, Harrison Furlong, Samuel Gibson, Ben Gilbert, Matthew McDonald, Tristan McGuire, Josh Noakes, Alec Richardson, Mitchell Sheehy, Thomas Squire, Clay Sutcliffe.

Joshua Alford:  Josh took 5 wickets this season.  When asked to bat at no.1 he played his best, hitting a good 21. Josh also took 4 catches and got 2 run outs.  The highlight of his season was the great catch he took in the last game.

Joshua Berry:  Josh was one of our opening batsmen and our leading runs scorer for the season hitting 257 runs at an excellent average of 36.71. Josh also shared the wicket keeping and took 5 catches and a stumping.

Harrison Furlong:  Harry was our captain this season and led by example with his reliable left arm pace bowling. Harry took 13 wickets for the season at an average of 6.92 as well as taking two catches in the field. Always an entertaining batsman, Harry scored 85 runs for the season with a top score of 28 in a big-hitting innings againstGymea Bay.

Samuel Gibson:  This was Sam’s first season of cricket and he improved as the season progressed. Whenever he was given the chance, Sam made the most of the opportunity and finished the season with 8 wickets and 3 catches in the field.

Ben Gilbert:  Ben was our leading wicket taker with 16 wickets at an average of 7.44. Bowling with either Harry or Tom at the other end he could always be relied upon to take wickets at key moments. Another highlight of the season for Ben was his 53 not out.

Matthew MacDonald: Matthew returned to cricket this season and along with Josh Berry, shared the wicket keeping. Matthew took four catches behind the stumps as well as a couple of run outs. Matthew also bowled some handy medium pace bowling that netted him 6 wickets for the season.

Tristan McGuire: Tristan was unlucky not to score more runs this year. Just as he would be setting himself for a big innings, he would be on the receiving end of a ball that would test any batsman. However, he showed the talent he had in store with a great 51 early in the season.

Josh Noakes:  You always had an expectation that Josh would take a wicket when given the ball. This was never more evident than in the match at Kurnell late in the season when he almost single-handedly bowled the boys to victory with his sensational 5 for 12 off 6 over’s. Josh will develop into a handy cricketer in the years ahead.

Alec Richardson:  Unfortunately, injury kept Alec out for a good part of the season, however, even on his return he still gave everything in his approach to the game. In his limited game time, Alec still managed to take 3 wickets for the season at a respectable 15.33.

Mitchell Sheehy: Mitch is another player who improves every season. Naturally talented with his bowling and batting, the stats don’t always tell the true story of the value of Mitch’s contributions to the results.  If Mitch continues to bowl his left arm wrist spin, which is an art, he will be rewarded with wickets in the future.

Thomas Squire: Tom’s height and pace when bowling struck fear into many batsmen this year and he was rewarded with 9 wickets for the season. Tom is a confident player with the bat in hand and likes to take on the bowling. There are not too many batsmen that will play a hook shot off their first ball faced! Tom worked on his batting throughout the season and some big scores are just around the corner for him.

Clay Sutcliffe:  Clay was another player who made the most of his opportunities and his innings at Kurnell saw him register his high score of 11 for the season. This was done in a partnership with Sam that turned the game back our way after we had lost early wickets. Although we had to wait to the last game of the season, Clay finally nailed his first wicket of the season.

It was a close season with four wins, four losses and two ties. Although some players may have scored more runs or took more wickets than others throughout the season, the stats will show the team effort that was put in by every single member of this team. Every player took a wicket throughout the season. The catches were shared by all in the field and others made contributions with the bat at critical moments of matches. Cricket is one of the few sports that are played where it is one person against eleven. It is both an individual and team sport all at the same time. Individual efforts contribute to the overall team result.

We would like to thank both Rhys Ingham and Keelan Jenkins for filling in for the team when we were short a couple of players. Your efforts were rewarded with runs and wickets.

To the parents, thank you for your support throughout the season.  Thanks for scoring, setting up the field, packing the kit, helping out at training and especially for encouraging the boys. Your support made the job easier for Bill and I. We hope you enjoyed the season and will continue with the club next season.

A few words from Coach Bill (Poppy) Goodman

Many thanks to Debra Furlong, Team Manager, as she was a big help and asset to the team with the reporting, entering scores, input, etc. Also, a big thank you to my Assistant Coach, Craig Sheehy for his input and advice when another opinion was needed.

I would also like to thank the parents, grandparents and supporters for their respect, support and understanding when decisions had to be made by me as Coach for the benefit of the team.  Many thanks again to all who helped make the season an enjoyable one.  The boy’s were a pleasure to coach and you can be proud of them all as I am.  I hope my experience and input as coach will help them become better cricketers in the seasons ahead.

COACH: WILLIAM GOODMAN                                    MANAGER: DEBRA FURLONG

12D Report

Players:  Scott Armstrong, Zachery Hughes, Keelan Jenkins, Austin Madden, Jacob Mifsud, Sean Molloy, Nicholas Plunkett, Caleb Rattery, Fynn Rodgers, Rithik Sahay, Marley Spring, Zachery Zammit.

The 12D team came together with a range of cricketing experience, but they shared the ability to make friendships easily and they created a great team bond and camaraderie. At each training and Saturday morning the boys really enjoyed each other’s company and took delight sharing the celebrations of each other’s wickets.

All boys achieved milestones this year with highest scores or most wickets in an innings.  Five boys scored 50 not outs, Keelan, Nick, Caleb, Fynn and Marley. Jacob reached 30, Scott 21, Austin 20 and Zac Z scored a 20 not out in their first season of cricket. Sean was a rock in the middle order and Zac H excelled at wicket keeping every time he had the opportunity. Keelan took a five- for against Sylvaniaand deserved the haul for his persistence and hard work to bowl straight and consistently. Whilst Rithik took a wicket with every spell of bowling he is developing leggies to go with his opening swing bowling.

The team finished the season in second place with 7 wins, including a first round outright win, and made two other teams follow on and narrowly missed out on additional three additional outright wins but for missing out on time. They beat the previously undefeated first place team very convincingly by 89 runs and looked forward to the challenge of repeating it in the Grand Final.

The Grand Final was a good quality match with both teams having to endure long wet grass and hot humid weather. Good bowling, tight fielding, excellent encouragement and team work restricted the Illawong team to 8 for 108 off their 50 overs. Two quick wickets, unlucky dismissals from catches and run outs put pressure on our young batsmen to be eventually dismissed for 77 runs who had to face excellent tight bowling without many freebies being given. It was not the way the boys deserved to have their season end but it did not deter from the season being a success.

Each player had great seasons with remarkable improvements in their skill levels, ability to play and learn about Cricket and improve upon past personal achievements.

Scott Armstrong: Scott took 6 wickets, 3 catches and scored 67 runs. His top score was 21 runs while opening the batting with excellent hook shots and back foot drives. Scott improved all parts of his game and fielded superbly in different positions. Although quietly spoken, Scott made his action do the talking and showed others how to field by persistently putting his body on the line.

Zac Hughes: (17 runs, 5 wickets, 2 catches) Zac improved the quality of his batting as the season progressed and learnt to get out of his comfort zone by playing the ball straighter. He was very unlucky all season with his batting, being dismissed by classic catches, deflection run outs and major swinging balls. Zac always bowled straight and regularly took wickets without many runs conceded.

Keelan Jenkins: Keelan’s highlights show a 5 for 22 and a 53 not out and they were both great displays of Cricket. Keelan scored 94 runs, took 8 wickets and 3 catches. He was determined to improve his skills and performance and used every match and training session as an opportunity to show his passion for Cricket.

Austin Madden: (41 runs) Austin played his first season of Cricket and improved with each game and training. Austin has a great arm and threw many booming throws from the outfield scaring the opposition from taking the extra run. He took 2 great catches and 6 wickets bowling very economical pace bowling. Austin also scored his top score of 20 runs whilst being tried at the top order. Austin will become a talented player should he continue to play cricket for consecutive seasons.

Jacob Mifsud: (134 runs, 3 wickets, 1 catch) Jacob is a very capable cricketer who places the team ahead of himself. Jacob batted consistently all season and put on many good scores with a top score of 30. Jacob’s game developed further this season with an accumulation of more shots and a concentration to find the middle of the bat. Jacob got out many times when he was in control of the bowling and looking to increase the run rate. He is known for his encouragement, talk in the field, calling of a quick single and his cut shot!

Sean Molloy:  Sean found a home batting at number six and put on his highest scores and contributed to valuable partnerships in this position. He puts a price on his wicket at all times, developed his batting further and showed he is an excellent fieldsmen and catcher. Sean showed he was capable of bowling excellent line and length; he just needs it to be more consistent to develop into an allrounder. Sean scored 69 runs, took 6 wickets and 2 catches.

Nicholas Plunkett: This boy is a talent. 232 runs. A 50, two high 40’S, two 30s at an average of 38.67. Nick has all the shots and he finds the middle of the bat at all times. Nick bowls an excellent line and length taking 17 wickets and 11 catches. The ball just happens to find Nick in the match and everything he does is quality. Nick is a smart cricketer who backs up his talent with excellent team work, encouragement and thinking. It was a pleasure to watch Nick whilst umpiring.

Caleb Rattery: Caleb always placed the team ahead of himself. He voluntarily retired not out so other players could get a bat. He excelled with the bat this season scoring 226 runs, at an average of 37.67 including a 50, 28, 21, 22 all not out and a 33. Caleb also put a cherry on a bail when he bowled an opening batsman and ran fear through the top order of many teams with his pace bowling. Caleb also took 4 wickets and 10 catches in the field.

Fynn Rodgers:  Fynn was one of our opening bowlers and troubles all top order batsmen with his consistent line and length. He swung the new ball with pace, whilst taking 14 wickets and a catch. He scored 123 runs with the bat. Fynn is a well liked member of the team who took great delight in seeing other boys succeed. Fynn opened the season with a magical 50 not out at Anzac Oval that excited the coach and the crowd. Fynn is a great cricketer who always plays the game in the right spirit.

Rithik Sahay: Rithik was our other opening bowler and never wasted a ball. He took pace of his bowling and swung the ball consistently. Rithik regularly took wickets in each game finishing with 9 wickets for minimal runs. Rithik’s improvement this year came from his batting and personal confidence. He listens intently to all advice and tries to use it immediately. Rithik regularly bettered his personal best batting scores (12 not out) and finished with 42 runs whilst shoring up the tail end supporting great partnerships..

Marley Spring: Mr Cricket scored 90 runs, took 13 wickets and 2 catches. This boy loves cricket and is determined to be the best player he can be. Marley’s 50 not out was top quality without a bad shot played and he always contributed to the team with encouragement and good fielding. Marley has the potential to be an excellent all rounder with the capacity to change the momentum of a match or single handedly win a match for his team.

Zac Zammitt: Zac was another first year player who learnt to play traditional styles of batting whilst trying to resist his natural instincts with Baseball techniques. Zac was successful and reached a top score of 20 not out. He also took 3 wickets whilst becoming a more consistent bowler. Zac is a great fieldsman with an excellent arm, forcing run outs with excellent throwing.

Thank you to Daniel Travers for filling in for us for a week.

I would like to personally thank Matt Molloy for his efforts to manage the team and take the time to complete the scorebook on a regular basis. His assistance along with Gary Plunkett at training, on game day and in scoring are very much appreciated. To all the other parents who helped out on game day with stumps, boundary markers, throwing balls at the boys in the nets, encouragement of each player – thank you very much! You helped make it a great summer.

It was my pleasure to coach all the boys of the 12D team. They were all mature, polite and honest and it is obvious they have been taught these great qualities at home

COACH: JOHN MIFSUD                                                  MANAGER: MATT MOLLOY

12F Report

Players: Drew Astbury, Donald Bartley, Cameron Bradley, Matthew Easterbrook, Ben Gersback, Josh Gersback, Ben Grimison, Rhys Ingham, Keiran McNamara, Sean Stephen, Luke Taylor, Daniel Travers

I would like to start by thanking all the players, parents and supporters for an excellent 2010 season.  All the boys are to be commended for their hard work, commitment and good spirit throughout the year. They were all a pleasure to coach and I hope they all return for another crack at the finals next season (which we just missed out on by 0.01% due to rain delays in our last match, what a bummer!).

The team knuckled down at training and improved every week which showed in the weekends results. There was a real ding dong battle on Wednesday arvo training to see who could be the best between the Rampaging Armidilos and the extraordinary “A” Team.  These were games to get the boys to work as a team and they thoroughly enjoyed it from all reports.  As it stands its all squared up!

We concentrated our efforts to make sure everyone got a go this year and it proved very successful, everybody chipped in whether it was batting, bowling or fielding.  As the boys skills improved so did their encouragement towards their team mates, whether it was when someone took a wicket or was in need of some help to get through the over, they did this at every chance.  All the boys showed excellent sportsmanship and this will hold them in good stead throughout their careers.

Drew Astbury – It was Drew’s first year of cricket and he struggled at first but showed great tenacity and improved out of sight.

Donald Bartley – Donald also a first timer this year showed grit and determination to perform well above his own expectations.

Cameron Bradley – Another one of our, I don’t like to bat, boys, but showed great skill and shot making every time he batted, a good asset to the line up.

Matthew Easterbrook – Matty was the quite achiever of the side and always did well with the bat and accurate with the ball.  Good team player.

Ben Gersback – Ben is an enthusiastic and popular member of the team.  His bowling improved overnight, maybe it was the gold incentives!  Well done son.

Josh Gersback – Josh did well with the ball this year and is keen to do the same with the bat and I’m sure with his excellent work attitude will get amongst the runs next year.

Ben Grimison – One of our allrounders who always puts in 110% every week.  His determination in every aspect of his game is admirable.

Rhys Ingham – Rhys is an experienced young cricketer who demonstrated excellent skills in all facets of the game.  He was a good role model for the less experienced lads.

Keiran McNamara – Keiran is an enthusiastic young cricketer who improved every week and this showed with his bowling.  Always a smile on his dial.

Sean Stephen – Sean kept me on my toes this year.  He always had a great story to tell and the runs finally started to flow for him after some early dismissals.

Luke Taylor – Luke was always a bit apprehensive to open for us but always seemed to do well and go on with the job – hard to get out.

Daniel Travers – Daniel showed good form with the bat this year and when he got his line and length, took some great wickets.

All the boys have done themselves and their parents proud and can go into next season confident their skills will serve them well.

A big thanks to all who helped out, Laurie & Marti for scoring, Mick assistant coach, Tony boundary cones, stumps and water boy and Jennie for her awesome managerial skills.

See you all on the flip side!

P.S.  Sorry about the trips to the dentist from all the lollies, but they did deserve them!

COACH: SCOTT GERSBACH                                                        MANAGER: JENNIE BRADLEY

14A Report


Players: Brendon Curtis (Capt), Alex Gersbach (Vice Capt), Joel Almond, Joey Cox, Dane Fisher, Jake Goulding, Brayden Heffernan, Jacob Heffernan,  Josh Johnston, Nathan Marciante, Dylan Rae, Lachlan Smith.

Well what can be said that has not already been said by the supporters and the opposition of this outstanding side?

We start at the beginning of the season; all the coaching staff, parents and the club had high expectations for this team and can I say the boys did not disappoint, they have gone through the season undefeated to become 14A minor premiers and 14A premiers. And for all those who follow cricket this is no mean feat.

Although the majority of the boys were very familiar with each other as they played together before in past season, they now had one new addition for this season; Dane Fisher a plucky kid who had see the bright lights of the Engadine Cricket Club and decided to give it a try. With this at the start, all the boys also needed to be mentally and physically switched on from the word go and between us trying to get teenage boys ready to do anything is an achievement on its own!

Having said that they did not let us down, these boys have demonstrated that you can start the season as boys and end the season as young men. They are true testament to their parents and they are fine representatives of the club.

This team is a very skillful side when it comes to all fascists’ of the game, this alone made it very tough for any opposition team to get on top of them and even tougher when the side is also full of Sutherland Shire and Emerging Blues representative cricketers.

There were many team and individual highlights during the season with bat, ball and fielding.

The team highlights as follows; by the end of round 4 all players in the side had at least one wicket from bowling and round 5 there was a first wicket partnership of 237 between Alex & Dane.

Some notable individual highlights are;

Batting:    3 Centuries hit in the year; 2 by Alex Gersbach (153, 115) and 1 by Dane Fisher (150 N/O), as well as a 72 by Nathan Marciante and a 70 n/o by Lachlan Smith

Bowling:   Joel Almond 68 over’s with a staggering 31 maidens @ 11/101 (Av; 9.10)

   Alex Gersbach; 64.3 over’s, 27 maidens @ 19/95. (Av; 5.12)

Nathan Marciante; 71.3 over’s, 24 maidens @ 18/140 (Av; 7.77)

Fielding:  Brendon Curtis 10 fielding catches / 4 run outs

Nathan Marciante with 8 fielding catches, 1 keeper catch and 1 keeper stumping

Jacob Heffernan with 7 fielding catches and 1 run out

W/K:        Joey Cox with 7 wicket keeper catches, 1 run out as well as 5 fielding catches.

Dylan Rae with 6 wicket keeper catches, 3 stumping and 2 fielding catches

These are just a few of the excellent statistics the boys provided during the season.

Everybody knows that a team does not gel together without a descent coach and manager, and when the club gets some to replace us will, we will stop doing it.

Coach: Michael (Cougar) Smith provided the perfect foil to let this team improve their game without over coaching. The style of coaching leave much to be decided; Michael does not really say a great deal, but he worked on player’s individual weaknesses and the improvement you saw from all the boys during the season and this is a testament to Michael, or somewhat surprising or some may same he just got lucky.

Manager: Peter (Coxy) Cox the gentlemen’s manager. Coxy was the best manager the coach had ever had, considering he did everything that the coach needed to do. The gentleman’s manager has not only shown commitment to the management side of this team but to the overall support of each player and their parents. Plus some other managerial stuff got done, thanks to Coxy for all his help and support

Assistance coach: Ben (Rocky) Marciante was the hard hitting assistant, whose fielding drills had the boys puffing hard and ducking for cover at times. Rocky has proven to the boys that if you want to get there to your goal, you need to work hard. Thanks to Rocky for assistance this year, a future coaching prospect for the club.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for their help during the season and for getting the boys to and from training and the games, also for pitching in with Bar-b-que, treats for the boys and the scoring. A special mention to Brad C, Brad H, Frank, Tony, Jane, Wayne, Lindsay, Phil, Lisa and Bridget. Also special thanks to Michelle and Sue for putting up with the manager and coach. I promise I won’t mention cricket for at least a fortnight.

Brendon ‘I wish I could with a coin toss’ Curtis;

Brendon was the Captain of this side who has great leader ship skills. A great all rounder, who opened the bowling. He is an excellent fielder always roaming around in the covers, and is lightning fast, and it was no surprise to see him come up with 10 fielding catches and 4 run outs this season. Brendon played a captain’s knock in the final, scoring 48 runs, when we really needed it. He should be proud of the way he captained the side, as he tried hard to give every player a fair go. Although 10 rounds of normal season and 1 final and even a two headed coin didn’t help, the coin toss was the only thing he could not win.

.Alex ‘do I look good in this’ Gersbach;

Geez, I love a left hander all rounder, especially one as talented as this young man. Alex was an inspiration to this team with both his all round abilities and not to mention his fashion sense. He scored 2 tons (153,115) 487 runs in total @ 81.16 (including 55 in the final) and with his bowling 19 wickets for 95 runs @ 5.12 (including 2/10 in the final). It was a real pleasure to watch Alex play this season, and he has a big future in the game or anything he does.

Joel ‘look how tall I am’ Almond;

The real character of the team, Joel always looks like he is having a great time and never takes anything too seriously which is a fantastic characteristic to have as a great cricketer who bowled extremely well all season. His figures of 68 over’s with 31 maidens @ 11/101 (Av; 9.10) proves that line and length will get you the rewards every time and also has a unique ability to dry up an opposition teams run rate and force a poor batting short to produce wickets. This together with his height will surely be factor of dominate opposition player in season to come.

Joey ‘do I have to’ Cox;

One of the wicket keeper’s in the team, and a great talker who is always encouraging his team mates and likes to be in the thick of the action. Joey kept very well this season with 7 catches behind the stumps, plus 1 run out and when he was not keeping he could field extremely well to with 5 fielding catches and believe or not was thrown the ball this year and came up with a few wickets(will wonders never cease). Joey also kept working on the batting this season and was thrown into the opening position this some success, but in the final when it mattered he chalked up 21 runs, and had a 50 run partnership with Brendon to take the game away from Como, topped his season off nicely. Joey also showed real character when his he was given the responsibility of fulltime keeper, when Dylan was injured. This is a great reflection on his tenacious ability to be best.

Dane ‘geez I love you guys’ Fisher;

A mid off-season recruit and the new addition to the club this season and what an addition it was. Dane has proven that your ability speaks more for you than you can. Dane batted brilliantly all season, topping the runs for the team with 611 runs (including a 150N/O and a 43 in the final) averaging 101.8 which is amazing. The opposition teams had to work over time to claim Dane’s wicket with 5 NO’s during the season. Dane’s highest score was 150 N/O was a pleasure to watch and he backed that up with 3 scores in the 80’s. He also proved to be a very handy spin bowler during the season, taking 14 wickets for 140 runs (Av; 10). Well done Dane on a fantastic year and keep up the on-field chat, many a wicket was achieved through this chat as well as an odd glance from the duty umpire. One of the boys to watch in the future.

Jake ‘what this’ Goulding;

Jake is a very laid back kid who enjoys his cricket and having fun, he was relied upon many times during the season to make an impact and he did not disappoint. Jake work on all his cricketing skills and certainly improved with his batting and bowling through out the year scoring 68 runs @ 13.6 and bowling  31 over’s @ 24.5, his training paid off with a wicket and a catch in the final. Jake had overcome his demons during this season and has always been a key player in this side. Jake has always approached his game in a laid back style and stand on his own. Well done mate and yes it’s a finger.

Brayden ‘I’m the stylish one’ Heffernan;

Brayden had a really good season, definitely the quite achiever of the side, as he does not say a lot, but lets his cricket style and charisma do the talking. He is very handy opening batsman who along with Dane got us off to some good starts throughout the season, he also rolled his arm over on several occasions and was a very successful swing bowler finishing the season with a very respectable 9/74 (Av; 8.22). Brayden is part of the twin connection in the team, but you would be mistaken if you though the boys are not their own characters and proves that if you want something just show people how it is done.

Jacob ‘it’s all about ticker, man!’ Heffernan;

Jacob truly proved that it’s not about how tall you are, but how much your heart is worth; he is an accomplished middle order batsman, who has great patience when at the crease and this was demonstrated with 4N/O. Jacob bowled some long spells during the season, and his leg spin bowling really dried up the runs, along with his jack in box in the fielding, popping up everywhere with 8 catches and 2 run outs. Jacob deserved every chance he was given and he did not let anyone down. Jacob may be the other part of the twin connection, but he has proved that there are no shadows to be under and if you want to stand out, just go ahead and do it.

Joshua ‘let’s go camping in the rain’ Johnston;

Josh will be disappointed with his batting this season, as he tends to have pretty high expectations, but as they say you cannot keep a great cricketer down. If you miss out with the bat just get them with the ball. Josh was used as a part time bowler who came up with the goods when it counted, he has an uncanny ability to break up a partnership and his figures of 9/84 (Av; 9.33) shows he is a definite all rounder. Batting is like the weather and camping, it may seem that every time you plan to have a good one it feels like it rains, but when it all comes together it’s all good!

Nathan ‘let see how far I can hit this’ Marciante;

By far one of the biggest hitters in the junior competition or even ‘the world’, Nathan hit 4 sixes during the year and compiled plenty of runs to a total of 316 at an average of 30.

To add to his batting strengths he is the quickest bowler in the comp if not…ah, you know what I mean, you could see most batsmen were pretty uncomfortable in facing one of Nathan’s bouncers. His bowling figures for the year 18 /140 (Av; 7.77), also he is no slouch in the field with 8 fielding catches, 1 wicket keeper catch and a stumping. A true all rounder who just loves to play cricket with his mates.

Dylan ‘just sit down so you don’t get hurt’ Rae;

The senior keeper of the side who managed 6 catches and 3 stumpings this season

Dylan has great knowledge of the game of cricket and was often used by Brendon in determining field placing and bowling orders. Fearless at the stumps he quite often stood up to the quicker bowlers and put his body (head) on the line. When batting you could always count on him getting the quick runs, including a 55. A few injuries during the year cost Dylan some game time, but he was always there at the matches even when not actually playing, and that says a lot about this kid. He will always put the team first, I might suggest that he take up something that’s not going to hurt! But we all know Dylan and even walking on a driveway is hazardous. It was a go thing to have health professionals on the team, good luck and well done.

Lachlan ‘what are we doing now’ Smith; 

Another all rounder (although we had to import him from down south), who sees himself as a bowler first but I was very pleased to see how well he went with the bat in hand. A top score of 70 N/O obviously shows he knows which end of the bat to hold, his final total for the year was 154 runs @ average of 25.6. Also picked up 10 wickets @ 12.2, with his fast medium pacers and he also managed to hold on to a 2 catches when fielding and produced 2 run outs. He even tried his hand at keeping, just like his old man! Lachlan stood up this season to be counted as one of the most improved players in the team, not only through his new found skills but also with his keenness to find out all the coaches decisions before each game.


Liam ‘how did I end up here and how many wickets!’ Rae;

Liam played as a sub for his brother in one game and proved to all that it was a good decision to promote him to the A’s and that the club continues to develop talented players. In a 5 over spell, Liam was so surprised that the captain had thrown him the ball and that he got his first wicket, he thought he could retire. But the captain had other plans and went on to picked up 2/7 including a spectacular caught and bowled; we had heard on the grape vine that he was thinking of giving the game away. We feel that would be a big mistake, as he has great potential to become a great little all rounder.

COACH: MICHAEL SMITH                                                 MANAGER: PETER COX

14C Report

Players:  Matthew Berry, Nathan Del Medico, James Dowd, Anthony Franco, Kyle Goodman, Ryan Gorman, James Grady, Chris Hall, Liam Rae, Jack Schuetrim, Anuraag Varanasi, Matthew Westlake, Matt Wright

2010/11 saw Adam and me trying our hand at coaching for the first time. It was an exciting prospect to meet all the boys (and their parents) and get stuck into the season. Perhaps it was this lack of experience on our part that shone through in the first few rounds as they proved to be some of the poorer performances by the boys of the entire season.

The team had come together with good mix of experienced players and relatively fresh faces to the game of cricket. It was great to see the enthusiasm that all the boys were showing for the game, and the fact that they were still all very keen on the final Saturday of the season was even more impressive.

Although the first half of the season didn’t go our way in terms of results, all the boys seemed to be enjoying themselves and there were some promising individual performances throughout. From a coaching perspective it was nice to see the boys giving their all each week, and we knew that the elusive first win would not be far away.

This turned out to be correct as the boys pulled together for the first game of the second round and finally got a win on the board. The win saw a wonderful team performance with every team member contributing either with the bat, the ball, or in the field. I’m not sure whether the kids or the parents were more excited about the first win, but either way it was nice to get the monkey of the back.

From this point on the boys continued to show real improvement every week. The improvement was a credit to the boys and displayed on-field results for the hard work they had been putting in all season at training. If you all continue to train hard in the future boys you will only see greater amounts of improvement.

The crowning moment of the season came in the penultimate round when the boys pulled out their best performance of the season. Coming up against the competition leaders there would have been few that gave us much of a chance of victory. But the boys showed everyone exactly what they were capable of by putting in a dominant bowling display on day one, and backing it up with a wonderful batting display in week two to get across the line. This game also proved to be the closest the team came to batting out the 50 overs and claiming the promised McDonalds prize. Unfortunately the lads couldn’t quite get there (and John Westlake’s wallet remained stacked and plentiful), however it did show the boys that when you bat out the overs you give yourself a much better chance of winning the game; a lesson they will hopefully take into future seasons.

The final game of the season was another great performance by the lads. Unfortunately they ended up falling just three runs short of what would have been their third win for the second half of the season. However in coming so close to victory, it was once again clearly demonstrated exactly how much potential the boys have for future seasons.

All in all it was a very fun season and Adam and I enjoyed the coaching experience very much. I hope that the boys enjoyed the season as much as we did and are all looking to return in 2011/12. I would also like to thank Patty-Anne and John Westlake for managing this season as well as all those parents that chipped in and helped out with the scoring duties and any other tasks that needed doing.



16C Report


Players: Tim Berry, Lachlan Bullen, Jordan Davies, Trent Edwards, Matthew Flegg, Tyler Heaton, Joshua Kedwell, Joshua Kennedy, Rhys Marlow, Anthony McNamara, Chris Pendergast, Ryan Stevenson

It was a great joy having the opportunity to coach these boys this season. We had a mix of experienced and new players in the team and together they had a fairly good and enjoyable season. Our more experienced players contributed throughout the season with runs and wickets while our new players learned each week and made sound progress, providing excellent support to the team. We had an excellent start to the season winning two from two but a closely fought lose sent our run downhill through the middle part of the season. In the end we probably finished 1 spot on the table lower than we were capable of. I would like to also thank all the parents and grandparents who supported the boys at the games, got them to training and just generally helped to make this season enjoyable.

Tim Berry: Tim brought to the team a lot of experience and strong leadership. He showed throughout the season on many occasions his skill whether it was his match saving 85, his 5 wicket haul in out tie/outright loss to Miranda or his stumpings, catches and runouts in the field. Tim worked hard and was rewarded with plenty of runs, wickets and keeping dismissals.

Lachlan Bullen: For a debut year I was pleasantly surprised at the speed in which Lachlan improved and learned throughout the year. What was great to see was that Lachlan was still able to make an important contribution to the team. His fielding skills were excellent. He took more catches than most, stopped plenty of balls going past him and toward the end of the season made a huge improvement in his throwing. Lachlan was very enjoyable to coach, always finding something funny to say or do which kept the team morale high.

Jordan Davies: In his first year he too played an integral part in the team. Showing a keenness to improve on his bowling and defend his wicket when batting, Jordan served the team well. Everyone will remember this season for that blinder of a catch taken at cover in the last game of the season, it was a ripper. It was good to see he picked up a couple of wickets and catches too. Good work Jordan.

Trent Edwards: Trent started the season in fantastic form taking 9 wickets in the first two games.Trent’s form dipped after that but was able to still cause trouble for the batsman with the extra bounce he got with his height. Trent was also our specialist boundary fielder who had some good and not so good times in the deep. While he did miss a couple of easier chances he did how ever take some very tough chances including one massive hit which almost disappeared before landing safe in Trent’s hands.Trent was also capable of swinging the willow around and produced some valuable knocks with the bat.

Matthew Flegg: Matt might have been shorter than the rest but on a couple of occasions he produced larger than life efforts. Firstly in round 1 he took 2 wickets to help derail the Gymea innings. In round 3 joined Trent in saving face when we were about 6/50 making 25. In round 9 in the tied innings bowled the best spell of anyone this season taking 2/8 and then in the last round capped it off with 3/8. Matt was also very reliable in the field and didn’t miss too many that came his way.

Tyler Heaton: While he didn’t make the runs he would have liked his attitude was fantastic. He always gave his all in the field and brought great energy to the team. His flamboyant style of batting was generally his downfall trying to hit the ball too hard but when he got going it was a sight to see and toward the end of the season pulled together a couple of solid efforts.

Joshua Kedwell: Josh has plenty of ability and showed on occasions his brilliance. Not bothered with building an innings, Josh liked to just slog from ball one. Sometimes it paid off and sometimes it didn’t. Toward the end of the season Josh compiled some valuable knocks, in particular the tied match when we were in real strife at 6/20 making a blistering 49. Josh was also a very capable keeper as well as an aggressive fast bowler. Overall a good season Josh.

Joshua Kennedy: Josh was our new ball bowler all season and his accuracy was a key to our strong starts. On his day can swing the ball too and was constantly breaking through the opening batsman’s defences. Like the other Josh, Josh didn’t care for building an innings which resulted in some ducks but on a couple of occasions got us some vital runs at the end of the innings. Great work Josh.

Rhys Marlow: Having had a couple of seasons away from the game, Rhys was super keen to get back into it all. His attitude was fantastic and really helped to boost the team. His strong start to the season with 72 kicked started our season but his weakness to left armers/right arm round the wicket bowlers reduced the effect Rhys could have had. His efforts cannot be ignored and on many occasions helped steer our innings. Rhys was also a very good bowler who bowled both pace and spin and ended as out equal leading wicket taker. To cap it all off he is a terrific fielder and on occasions kept wicket. A valuable asset to our team.

Anthony McNamara: Macca was our leggie in the team. He demonstrated control and guile well beyond the grade and would have had plenty more wickets if it weren’t for some dropped catches and the fact the batsman just had no clue. His five wicket haul in round 7 was the highlight during the season. Maccas was also a handy middle order bat. He made some handy contributions throughout the season but needs to work on getting behind the ball and not play away from his body. Great season Macca.

Chris Pendergast: Chris was a real team player. Opened the batting most of the season and his main job was to see through the openers which he did with aplomb. He was very unfortunate not to make more runs and deserved to have more. However it isn’t all about the runs in my book and while he may not have added as much to the score board he did help set the innings up for the team. Also Chris work hard in the field and took a blinder at a floating slip position and always chased hard when fielding.

Ryan Stevenson: Ryan was tall and this resulted in him being able to bowl fast. I think we were all scared just watching him. Ryan was able to pick up wickets with sheer pace but with more control could have been deadly. His batting was crucial to the team too. At the top of the order he made some excellent scores and has plenty of strokes, a technically good player. In the field too he was fast and had a bullet arm which did result on a couple of occasions 4 overthrows but his commitment cant be questioned. Well done Ryan.

The sub fielders: The boys in the team will get this. Thanks to all the sub fielders we had. The four catches you took for us were of great help, especially that blinder in round 7.

COACH: MATT SAMBUCO                                            MANAGER: SUE KENNEDY

A1 Report

Players: Nick Bird, Joel D’Imperio, William Del Din, Adam Dow, Jordan Dow, Ben Dwarshuis, Jeremy Forshaw, Nigel Garton, Sean Garton, Andrew Herne, Liam Herne, Ben Jamieson, Andrew Jones, Adam Logan, Ryan Marlow, Ben Royall, Matt Sambuco, Mitchell Walkerden.

After a few years of trying, we were finally successful in establishing a side full of young players, with our youngest being Nige and Liam and our oldest Buco, Loges and Jamo. It was looking promising in the pre-season, after a big recruitment drive from captains Dow and Jones. Ben Royall had joined from Sutherland, as had Marciante, and with Garton returning to the club from UNSW, we were hoping for an A2 grading. Marciante’s registration threw that out the door, and our chances of winning the comp went too after he unregistered post-grading and we were stuck in A1’s.

For most of the boys it was probably the first time we’ve been involved in a side that has lost more games than it has won, but there were some positive signs throughout that suggest we’ll be a force in C-grade next year.

Garto carried the team by himself in the batting department, and took some screamers as well. We tried to protect him at 5 for much of the year but he usually ended up going in after about five overs. The return to the bowling crease of Herney was pleasing, as was the development of his younger brother Liam, who took four wickets in a match against Como. Nige came good at the end of the year with some good knocks, especially an impressive 40 against the Crest. Buco and Loges were impressive with the ball and always took wickets, but we just lacked a bit of depth at times and this meant Jonesy had to bowl a heap of overs! Our batting really let us down, but even with 19 or close to registered players, it was pretty difficult to get our best side on the pitch. Royall’s four games meant he had a very expensive season but with all that work he was doing at Lidcombe and then Chatswood, you can forgive the kid. Jonesy and I couldn’t buy a run, and when we tried to, we’d forgotten to pay off the umpire as well as the other side and he sent us back anyway. Del Din chipped in at times, even under dubious circumstances. D’impy, Jordy and Benny Dwarshuis played too and didn’t do a great deal, which probably shows how strong the A1 comp is compared to 5th grade. It may not have helped that they came in at 3/0 most times.

Who knows where we’ll end up next year, but with rumours the dominating 2006/07 16A Blue team are returning to the fray, we might have Wardy and Floyd running around again soon. Or prancing, in Floyd’s case. Marlow’s attendances were few and far between, but his boyfriend Birdy was always available. Highlight of the year was watching him sledge the Crest who were about 100 runs off 6 overs chasing our 190-odd, and a close second was knocking off St Pats in our only win of the year which gave Darren Smith the sh?ts, which is really what the A1 comp is all about.

With Jones and Dow submitting a rival bid to Buco to coach the 16A’s, competition is sure to be fierce in the off-season.

I should also mention that Walko played.


A2 Report

Players: Paul Barnes, Jake Brunning, Daniel Burke, Matthew Carroll, Murray Crapp, Daniel Harkins, Dennis Hopson, Anthony Karakostas, Adam Keighran, Neelan  Koovarjee, Joel Manns, Matthew Manns, Mark Mitchell, Jonathon Momsen, Simon Morris, Steven Morris, Stewart Vella.

B2 Report

Players: Brett Adams, Lee Bailey, Gregory Betts, Paul Bremner, Nabeel Chaudhry, Jeff Fies, Aaron Gibson, Brendon Horsnell, Wade Horsnell, Ben Latham, Daniel Latham, Peter McCurdo, Ryan Salakas, Stuart Slack, James Stone, Matthew Wackwitz, Spencer White, Jonathon Wright.

What a year! The team really clicked this year with a mixture of old faces, comebacks and rookies. Although we fell at the final hurdle, the boys can be very proud of the season.  With the bat, Spence led the way with a couple of centuries and an average of 47. The team showed some depth with the willow with 6 other batsmen reaching the half century mark and a few others falling just short.

With the ball, Nabs returned from the off season with a couple of cannons strapped to his shoulders and was leading wicket-taker, taking 21 wickets in the regular season. There were 9 wicket takers in total with Bremner, Azza, Stu, Wade and Bailey picking up 10 or more scalps each.

Without a doubt, our fielding won us some games.  We were tight.  Toight like a toiger. Teams didn’t know where their next run was coming from, and this led to rash shots and run outs.

Although we didn’t walk away with premiership merchandise (sorry Pecka) it was a season worth celebrating, which we did in style (the rsl and fusion).  See you next year.

Lee Bailey: 10 wickets and some unplayable in-swingers. Unlucky with the bat and invaluable in the field with great stops and 3 catches.

Gregory Betts: Fielded with his hands occasionally this year. Top score of  7 n.o. but unfortunately for him (fortunate for Sydney) he spent most of the season keeping ANSTO from a meltdown.

Paul Bremner: Amazing year. Easily the team highlight was his 8/20 and a double hat-trick in the semi. 260 runs with a high of 59, 13 wickets, 7 catches. He went well; just ask him (although you won’t need to).

Dr Nabeel Chaudhry:  Returning from a trophy hunt, took 21 wickets including a couple of five fors. High score of 32, 1 run out and both the best and worst catch of the year. When he showed up to the right ground, he went off like a frog in a sock.

Jeff Fiess: Point specialist. 2 wickets, 3 catches and a top score of 27 opening the bat. Good kid, tried hard.  See you next year Jeff with a J.

Aaron Gibson: 13 wickets with a top speed of 155km/h. A top score of 31 and an average of 20 (coming in at 10).  8 catches and only showed up to the game in women’s clothing twice.

Brendon Horsnell Winning runs specialist, hitting the winning runs twice.  Showed some great potential with the willow and we hope to see him next year.

Wade Horsnell: Another stellar year for the captain. 126 runs, 11 wickets and 3 catches. Top score of 59 and won the toss more often than ever.  A captain’s knock in the semi. Nice one mate.

Ben Latham: Opened the bat all year and scored 172 runs at an average of 21 and with a top score of 51n.o.  An absolute gun in the field with 3 catches and a run out.  Ask him how good he is; he’ll say nothing (but he’s great).

Daniel Latham: Got a dodgy run out in the second game and was so emotionally scarred that he took a 10 game sabbatical.  Classy batsmen, took 2 catches. Nice job mate.

Ryan Salakas: Half the man he used to be, but all the cricketer. Missed more games than he played due to work, triathlons, ironmans and male modelling, but hit a purple patch (and a bucket load of boundaries) towards the end of the year.  A flying one handed run out, true class.

Stuart Slack: A cricketer among cricketers. 126 runs at an average of 25 and a top score of 66n.o.  For a former quick, he makes a darn good spinner. His offies, leggies, toppies and darters took 12 wickets at 12.25. Great season brother.

James Stone: The hype meets reality. After scoring 4 runs last year he beat that by 211 this year. Top score of 65 n.o., 9 wickets, 4 catches and a run out.  A lovely and exquisite year.

Matthew Wackwitz: A top year for a long time cricketer, first time dragon.  4 wickets at 2.5 and a thousand maidens.  Always good for n.o.  The sponsors would love his straight bat, if he had any.

Spencer White: The rock of the batting line up. 335 runs, top score of 134 n.o. and an average of 47.86. 3 catches and 2 run outs.   Has some serious issues with his batting technique, but he’s working on it.

Jonathan Wright: Started with a flurry but ended like the Sopranos. 174 runs with a top score of 67.  9 dismissals as the custodian.  No byes. None.  Amazing.  Bats better when concussed.

B3 Report

Players: Mathew Barnes, Michael Daly, Corey Davis, Mitchell Davis, Eddie Douglas, Matthew Healy, Brennan James, Andrew Kelaher, Neil Mckinnon, Nathan McNamara, Lee Mitrevski, Matthew Penglase, Graham Price, Matthew Reid, Luke Richards, Michael Risby, Phil Swanscott.

At the start of the season the team had a goal, and that goal was to finish in the Top 8. I’m happy to report that were successful in doing this, with the team coming in at 7th.

I would also like to mention that we did win the Club Trivia Night.

The season was very up and down; some may even say more down then up. So after deciding to give the other teams a head start by letting them win all bar one game in the first round, we turned it around in the second half of the season and only lost to the two finalists.

We were able to snare some new recruits this season and none of them failed to disappoint. We managed to sign Justin Beieber to the team just before he went big in the music scene and Boy! If you think he could sing and dance you should see him play cricket!!! We also managed to sign Eddie Douglas, a handy little lefty who also brought in Luke Richards who  later in the season  had batsman quivering in their boots as they thought that they were about to face a the next Curtley Ambrose. There was also the addition of the two buys from Campbelltown who always had the opposition worried – worried that when they returned to their cars their wheels may be replaced by bricks.

Dave The Duck – Known by Wisden as the greatest sports journalist in the history of all ducks. Was cursed with having to put up with all the clowns from the 2010-11 B3 team after a nasty incident at the end of last season. Although I no longer have the ability to fly long distances, I still hold a consultancy role with the ACB (even after this season’s debacles)

Graham “The Duck Whisperer” Price. Graham managed to get the highest score in one game, and the lowest in most of the rest. Opened the bowling in one game after winning a bet, only to be taken off after the first 8 balls and placed at fine leg for the rest of the season. Runs – 39, Catches – 5, Run outs – 1

Neil “The Master of Disguise” McKinnon. A keen cricketer who was always willing to take one for the team. Some varying scores throughout the season but always showed potential and team spirit. Like Graham also helped build up the team’s duck tally. Runs – 46, Wickets – 3, Catches – 2

Mitchell “Paul Langmack” Davis. After a hard pre-season training at Oktoberfest and a few injury concerns had a quiet season compared to his last couple. However he was always willing to offer some friendly advice to opposition players and his brother. Lost a lot of respect later in the season when he bought a bright Orange Nissan Cube! Runs – 122, Wickets – 6 Catches – 1, Run outs -1

Corey “Peter Griffin” Davis. After an off season spent travelling around Europe to pick up some new bowling techniques he came back to try bowling line and length rather then pace bowling. Obviously his batting style he picked up worked wonders as he continued to not really trouble the scorers throughout the season. No change was made to his crocodile catching. Runs – 26, Wickets – 15, Catches – 2

Lee “How do you pronounce it?” Mitrevski. Lee made the fatal error of supporting the NRL team that knocked the captain’s team out of the Semi Finals. From that point of the season on he got the opportunity to bat in fading light, face the fast bowlers, field in short or go fine leg to fine leg. Not bad for his first season, and it got him out of Campbelltown most Saturdays. Runs – 48

Phil “Is he really standing up” Swanscott. Not a bad little season. Although he was short on form coming into the season after not playing for a little while, he always gave his best. Always staying low to the ground, he had a knack of taking high catches and smashing short balls. A great fieldsman at short mid wicket. Runs – 49, Catches – 5

Matt “Justin Beiber” Penglase. From Day One we knew this bloke was going to be a star! He had all the qualities that go with being a real diva. He failed to show up on the first day, only to top that by being fashionably late for the second game. Sure he did manage to take a couple of wickets, score a few runs and hold onto some catches. But he was really only in the team to escape his music. Runs – 208, Wickets – 33 at 8.88, Catches – 8, Run outs – 1

Nathan “What odds will you give me?” McNamara. After winning a bundle on a very suspicious run out early in the season, he made a small fortune by backing himself late in the season for leading run scorer only to see a devastating injury end the captain and current leading run scorer’s season. Was the Shane Watson of the team for most of the season by always getting a start but not being able to go on with it. Not a bad keeper either. Although picking up last season’s Rookie of the Year award many media outlets claim he suffered form second year syndrome. Runs – 292 Wickets – 5, Catches – 7, Stumping’s – 2

Xavier “The Saviour” Trass. Most consistent player in the team. We could always rely on X Trass to help us out. Runs – 124

Luke “The Tallent Scout” Richards. The first day we met Luke he identified the potential in Neil that saw him top score and grab a couple of wickets. The rest of the season he spent time pondering which former cricketer the opposition players were. Showing a lot of potential for next season (please sign up). We will be looking for bigger and better things with both the bat and ball.  Runs – 22, Wickets – 7, Catches – 1

Eddie ” If I don’t have something on ” Douglas. Managed to get through most of the season without admitting that he was a Manly supporter. We should have known something was wrong when he picked up the bat and used it the wrong way around. Not a bad first season with us, with a lot of potential shown, especially at the post match gatherings. Runs -86, Catches – 5

Matt “I’m the best cricketer in my house” Healey. A very inconsistent season for last year’s Mr Consistency. After taking 5 wickets in the first game he fled to look at contract offers in Europe. With the ability to get a wicket every time he bowled he showed why he was the best player in his house. (But that was only against Barnsy) Managed to get a couple of runs during a couple of strange promotions throughout the season. Runs – 29, Wickets – 7, Catches – 5, Run Outs – 2

Brennan “I have to work” James. After bludging off his father for so many years we struggled to understand why this bloke always had to leave early for work. After top scoring in the first game some may say he peaked too early. Not me personally  – but I did hear whispers. He did manage some wickets and a few runs when he stuck around. Not a bad player for an Emo kid. Runs – 129, Wickets – 7

Michael “The Chemist” Risby. Last seen – Engadine Pub. Current status – Unknown. After copping a ball to middle stump whilst fielding no one knows what ever happened to bloke known simply as The Chemist. Runs -53, Wickets – 1, Catches – 1

Matt “Yes Chef” Barnes. Only managed a couple of games and was clearly psyched out by the performance of his house mate Healey. A couple of good starts and a few good sledges were the highlight of his season. Runs – 77, Wickets – 1, Catches -2

Matt “Subway” Reid. Not much was known about this bloke except the stories that he told us up the pub about him being a better player then he was when he played against us the past few years. We realised he could drink and he runs a Subway restaurant and that was good enough for a spot in our team. Unfortunately work took precedence over cricket so he could only manage a couple of games. He did however offer the team free Subs if we won the game he played. I am guessing that he is still getting them ready for us. Runs -18

Andy ” Did you see the soccer” Kelaher. In his 2nd season Andy improved ten fold. After many sessions with Batting coaches Flash and Peter Griffin it was Andy’s bowling in the last game that impressed everyone the most. At one stage having 2-0. Runs – 46, Wickets – 3, Catches – 6

Mick “Nostradamus” Daly. Known for his ability for changing bowlers and taking wickets instantly. Also known for successfully winning the toss or deliberately losing it in each game. Managed to score over 200 runs and take 12 wickets and last almost the entire season without an injury. Runs- 217, Wickets -12, Catches – 4

The season produced 137 Boundaries, 34 Maximums and 23 Ducks.

I would like to thank the following people for supporting us throughout the year. They include: Scotty, Whits, Jason Gillespie, Flash, Wattsy, Ray, Richard Chee Quee, Pete, Lisa, Estelle, Dede and Lawrie. I would also like to thank our millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for a great season boys. I hope you enjoy the off season and make sure you stick to the fitness regime I have given you all.

Dave the Duck

B4 Report

Players: Troy Abbott, Blake Cole, Stuart Dibb, Dean Griffith, Andrew Hyde, Chris Jackson, Mitchell Lucock, Stewart Lumsden, Timothy Hall, Kurt Marsh, Brenton Maxwell, Chris Moreland, Chris Nelson, Mitchell O’Reilly, Timothy Russell, Jonathan Ward, Leighton Wright 

B5 Report

Players:  Colin Berry, Matthew Berry, Timothy Berry, Michael Entwistle, Glenn Hickey, Andrew Kelly, Robbie Knight, Drew Lake, Rhys Marlow, Darren McInerney, Martin McKenzie, Paul O’Reilly, Peter O’Reilly, Adam Pascoe, Shannon Pender, Tod Skevington, Hayden Smith, Michael Smith, John Westlake.

We welcomed the start of the new season with new vigour and enthusiasm. This season saw a mixture of players coming together, the basis of the team was around the experienced players from the A2’s last season and a group from the B9’s, a few juniors and a couple who hadn’t played for some time. It was a season to enjoy and not knowing what we could achieve as a group, there was no expectations, just hopes for a good season.  With so many new players it was thought it would take some time before we would gel and find out every ones capabilities. This was no more evident than the first game, we scored 292 and then the opposition chased down the runs only 3 down a comprehensive defeat and a possibility of things to come.

Fortunately this wasn’t the case as it didn’t take long for us to string together some good wins. All looked good heading into the first of our one day games (against Seagulls) where we again looked in control however a last wicket partnership of 60 prevented us winning the game. However, this was a minor hiccup as we then managed to string another 5 wins plus duty to head into the last couple of games with a commanding position at the top. Once again we met Seagulls and a win would secure first place, we managed to put together our worst batting effort of the season being bowled out for 39 and all of a sudden we were trying to save an outright loss to stay on top. With the help of Ned and Marty in the 2nd week and a very hot day we were able to prevent the outright loss and we were then able to secure the win in the last game to finish the season as minor premiers and a week of.

There were some fine performance throughout the season, 4 hundreds 2 by Hayden, 1 by Drew and 1 by John. We also saw a few fifties, Michael Smith, Adam, Col, Drew, Tod and Ned. We also saw a few 5 wicket hauls Drew 2, Pater and Adam. Tim shone as our regular wicket keeper with 11 dismissals and improved as the season progressed. Our fielding in general was OK but we did have moments of dropped catches.

The Final, we arrived and ready to play, having lost 3 games during the season and not having beaten the opposition we were still confident of a win. We started the game well taking some early wickets but a solid partnership of 41 for the 4th wicket was probably a bit much. We did hit back and again at 7/98 a quick wrap up of the tail would ensure a very gettable run chase. In the end the tail wagged a little and we bowled them out for 123. A sound effort and a reasonable score to chase down if good enough. We started the innings poorly and at stumps on the first day we were 2/10. The 2nd day started and we started well. However, once we lost our 3rd wicket we continued to lose wickets at regular intervals and couldn’t quite get our noses in front. In the end we were bowled out for 93 and lost by 30 runs, our leading scorer was Ned with 22 but man of the match was Darren who bowled 10overs 2 /13 (taking the first 2 wickets) and scored 9 to give us a chance at a win. In the end we were probably a little unlucky with a few of the umpiring decisions as we certainly didn’t get the rub of the green. A game we can only think of what if!!!

Overall it was a very enjoyable season and it was only the 1 team that seemed to of had our measure, they certainly had the best of us so it’s difficult to deny them of the win. I’m sure we can improve on our efforts from this year, have a good season next year and go one better. Look forward to seeing the bulk of the team together for next season.

Drew Lake

Drew was our captain and led from the front, with the bat Drew was often dynamic which was highlighted in the first game of the season where he scored 115. He was also our opening bowler and leading wicket taker bagging 24 wickets. Good Year Drew.

Col Berry

Col was generally the opener, started the season well with a good 52 in the second game of the season. After Xmas struggled a little but finished with 142 runs.

Tim Berry

Tim was one of the youngsters in the team. He is a keen cricketer and often played 3 games within the same weekend. Tim was our regular keeper and improved during the season to one of the best. He was kept on his toes after Xmas as Westie tried to test his leg side movement, but it held up well. Tim was a handy batsman and scored some valuable runs towards the end of the innings. Well done Tim.

Matt Berry

Matt was our youngest member, and I can’t thank him enough as he was always there to assist as we struggled at various stages of the season to field a team. His biggest contribution was sharing in a 35 run last wicket partnership with Hayden to win us the game while he didn’t score a run he was there and it was a key win of the season. Thanks Matt for all your help.

Michael Entwistle

This was Michaels first year of cricket for the dragons. Michael was extremely keen and often volunteered to bat up the order. Unfortunately, Michael didn’t score many runs but he was certainly a contributor during the season. Hope you enjoyed the year and you’ll return next season.

Andrew Kelly

Ned finished the season as our other opener, and made some valuable contributions. His finest innings was against the premiers in the 2nd last round where he managed 70no in scorching temperatures to save an outright loss. Good season Ned see you next year.

Rob Knight

Rob started the season extremely well as one of leading bowlers. Unfortunately a back problem meant an operation towards the end of the season. As a result he played 4 games but did manage to get 11 wickets. He was a loyal supporter and was able to get a run in the final as 12th man. See you back next year fighting fit.

Martin McKenzie

Martin started the season slowly. He was always keen to bat up the order and show us all what he was capable of. Eventually after Xmas he was rewarded and played 2 great innings. The first was againstBangor 2 where he combined with Hayden for a 100+ run partnership to steer us out of trouble and into a commanding position. The 2nd was against Seagulls where he shared another 100+ run partnership with Ned to save us the outright loss. Well done Marty.

Darren McInerney

Darren was generally our goto guy, he opened our bowling, kept wickets when required and batted up the order and opened in a couple of games. He just missed out on scoring a fifty in one of the games as we were chasing 60 to win and he finished 49no. He was a handy bowler and improved as the season progressed and managed to bag 12 wickets. Good effort Chops.

Paul O’Reilly

Paul generally batted down the order, but he still managed to contribute with both bat and ball. Paul top scored was 26no which was early in the season where he supported Hayden as he scored his first hundred. He was also handy with the ball and proved a valuable bowler during the one day games picking up a total of 14 wickets. Good season Paul.

Peter O’Reilly

Peter was another one of the more experienced players, his work commitments prevented him from playing many games. However, he still contributed with both bat and ball at various stages. Peter managed to take 7 wickets 5 in one game against Heathcote. He also managed a very valuable 10no in the last game to ensure we secured the minor premiership. Well done.

Adam Pascoe

This was Adam’s first season for some time, a keen cricketer and a handy batsman and bowler. This was highlighted late in the season as he scored 65 in a game and not long after took 6 wickets in an innings. He often opened the bowling and he managed to finish with 18 wickets for the season. Welcome back and hope you enjoyed the season and see you again next year.

Tod Skevington

Tod was another player who was always willing to bat up the order and show us all what he could do. It wasn’t until late in the season where he scored 52no in quick time to ensure we had a total againstBangor 2 which was out of reach. He also played a well controlled innings in the final but unfortunately ran out of partners at the end. Good year and look forward to next season.

Hayden Smith

Hayden was another youngster playing juniors in the morning and helping us out in the afternoons. Hayden while wasn’t our leading run scorer did manage to score 338 runs at a team leading average of 67.6. He also scored 2 100’s which were both invaluable. No one can forgot the game against Bangor 2 where he shared in a 35 run last wicket partnership with Matt to win the game. Hayden will be moving to grade next season and we wish him all the best as he pursues his dreams. Fantastic season and good luck next year.

Michael Smith

Unfortunately Michael missed much of the season through other commitments. He started as one of our wicket keepers but finished as a handy off spinner in the late games. Michael also scored some handy runs getting 95 in the first game sharing in a very entertaining partnership of over 140 in about 14overs.with Drew. Well done.

John Westlake

John was a hard hitting allrounder . His top score against Heathcote of 104no was scored off just 15overs. He also managed to pick up 8 wickets but it could of been so much more, he was often economical in the middle of the innings. He also decided to test our wicket keeper (Tim) after Xmas with many balls going down the leg. Good year see you next season.

Finally a big thanks to all those who filled in during the season, Shannon Pender, Glenn Hickey, Reece Marlow and, Ryan Stevenson all helped at various stages, your assistance was greatly appreciated. Thanks to all the supporters, including wives, kids, mums and dads, it was safe to say no other team was supported as great as ours during the competition. Again thanks Matt for helping us out during the season as a last minute replacement when we were stuck for players.

Col Berry

B6 Report


The Team: Matt Russell (Capt),  Allan Lofthouse  (Player/Mgr), Judy Lofthouse (Scorer), Katie Lofthouse (Drinks Runner, P/time Scorer & Kit Supervisor when she’s there) & the Players: Lance Birkett, Paul Dixon, Sam Dixon, Jaryd Duncan, Jordan Duncan, Greg Ings, Colin Kidd, Cameron Laird, Paul Marsh, Tim Martin, Ian Mitchell, Kurt Mitchell, Steve Robertson, Jamie Wood, Bill Ziegler.

With a good return from last season’s players, plus the addition of  Greg Ings, Colin Kidd & Jamie Wood from the previous B7’s, the team was graded B6 once again & was looking to emulate, if not better last season’s successes.   Once again there were a couple of results that went against the team that shouldn’t have occurred, however, the B6 Dragons had 9 1st Inns wins, 2 1st Inns losses, 1 Draw (due to rain), 2 Duty rounds & the Capt’s points that saw the team’s point’s total of 76 & finishing in 3rd place with the Grades best “quotient” of 1.880.  Unfortunately the team bowed out in the Semi-Final once again.   The team was probably the best in the competition defensively as they lost less wickets than anyone else & were about one of the best in scoring runs & not conceding wickets.   Also the “stats” show that they had a far better ratio of sundries (100 conceded, 168 received) than the opposition teams & that certainly helped.

Although there were no “centuries” scored, there were 8 “half-tons” with Skipper Matt having 3 (84, 55, 54),  Jaryd 2 (69no,  64no),  Lance (86), Greg (68), & Ian (50).   Matt’s  342 @ 31.09  in the regular season was the highest total of runs & the best batsman,   Greg’s 245 runs @ 20.42,  24 wickets @ 10.96 & 5 field catches & 2 run-outs was the team’s best “all rounder”,  Jaryd’s 256 runs @  36.57 was the best batting average,  whilst Kurt’s 24 wickets @ 10.54 (plus 2 wickets @ 24 for the A2 team,  total  26 wickets @ 11.96)  & with a big “hat-trick”(4-12 in Rd 8) was the top bowler.  The top catchers were Ian with 9 (1 B6 & 1 A2 stumping also) as ‘keeper, Jamie with 8 field catches,  Kurt with 7 field catches & 1 run-out (plus 1 catch & 1 run-out in the A2’s) & Matt with 7 field catches.   The most wickets in an innings was by Paul Dixon (6-13 in Rd7).

Considering the age differences of the players in this team, from Jordan Duncan at 18 years to yours’ truly, Allan Lofthouse, coming up to 65 years & with a couple of  over 50 year olds tossed in, this team matched it,  bettered most times, with teams of a lot younger team average age.

It was a most enjoyable season had by all.   Although there were a couple of games whereby player’s work commitments  &  other things that took up some players’ time, interfered with Matty, as Skipper, getting the strongest team possible & ensuring everyone got a fair go in all the games that made things a bit difficult.  Matty did a “Stirling” job & the team as a whole thank him for his Leadership & efforts in the team’s success.   The team would also like to thank our trusty Scorer, Judy, & Katie (part-time scorer , kit supervisor & drink’s runner when there), who once again did a fantastic job to ensure that the B6 Score-book results’ were accurate & that the Score-book was the neatest in the Association.

As a part-time player/manager for the team it was great to see the 3 “new” players welcomed & accepted  into the team by everyone  & for all 3 to make a significant contribution to the results in all aspects of the games that they played in.

It is hoped that this team as a whole can return for season 2011/12 & maybe go one better & bring home the elusive victory in the Final once again.

Judy, Paul Marsh & myself would also like to thank the team for their much appreciated gifts that they kindly gave us at the teams’ end of season function at the “Bowlo”.


B7 Report

Players: Craig Bieder, Gary Briton, Mark Cameron, Anthony Campey, Allan Furlong, Gary Furlong, William Goodman, Anthony Ingham, Alan Jenkins, Nick Knight, Shane MacDonald,  Trevor McGuire, John Mifsud, Gregory Richards, Doug Ritchie, Craig Sheehy, John Sheehy, Ian Squire, Paul Van Ryan.

Season 2010/11 saw the team jump three grades after finishing last season as grand finalists. We started the season with two wins and points for a bye and this helped build team confidence and a belief we would be competitive in this grade. After the bye we experienced a three game losing streak which brought upon some reflection and individual player responsibility with batsmen realising they needed to put more of a price on their wicket.  The change was immediate with the batting line up then using all allocated overs and winning close matches consistently. The losing streak must have been one of the best things to happen as we went on to win every game from then on. We finished the regular season as Minor Premiers and went on to win the Grand Final convincingly by 162 runs.

Craig Bieder: Only played one match before injury saw him on the sidelines.

Gary Briton: Injury interrupted Gary’s season but his on field contributions were valuable when he made it onto the ground. He is an excellent team player who volunteered his position for others to have a chance to play. Gary relished the opportunity to smash a quick 32 not out when chasing an outright win in the second innings and hung around with magical lofted pulls off his hip in the coveted win against Miranda.

Mark Cameron: Mark joined the team this season and fit right in to the team and its dynamics. His left arm orthodox helped him to take 5 wickets in addition to scoring 19 runs with the bat. He was always safe in the field and consistently encouraged his team mates. We are looking forward to seeing more of Mark next season.

Anthony Campey: (239 runs @ 19.92 and 20 wickets @15). Tony was again a big part of the team, batting at number four and bowling quick with a consistent line and length all season. Tony scored two 50 this season with a highest score of 67 against St. Pats. In the field Tony is very smart making valuable insights to his captain. Tony is a great team mate who loves his cricket dearly. Tony’s 6 wicket haul in the Grand Final is still being spoken of!

Allan Furlong: Allan is always good to have around the team, with his wit and insight on the world. He scored 23 runs @ 11.5 and took 5 wickets @ 16.8 this season. Allan took a ball to the head, batting on to reach his top score for the season of 15 and hit the winning runs against Miranda tonking the opening bowler back over his head. Allan is a great team man.

Gary Furlong: Gary is the rock the team is built around. He bats wherever the team needs him, often taking the brunt of the opposition’s best bowlers to set a platform for the team. This season Gary top scored with 33 runs and scored 137 runs @12.45 and took 2 wickets in his 2.3 overs. He has the best bowling strike rate going round this summer and surely deserves to be bowled more by his captain in future. Gary is a very valuable team mate and is the kind of player everyone wants to play with. Garyvolunteered his position on the team for others to have a chance to play on numerous occasions. He is another man who loves his cricket and places a high price on his wicket.

Bill Goodman: Bill is a great team mate who always places the team above himself. Bill opened the bowling against Bosco and immediately took wickets as he outsmarted them with his drift and length. Bill took 5 wickets throughout the season and made positive contributions to team morale with his wit, humour and company. We hope to see more of Bill next season on the sideline as he has been a big part of this team.

Anthony Ingham: In his first season of Cricket Magnet was a rock. He made excellent contributions to the team, on the field and on the sidelines after the match. Tony took 12 wickets at an average of 9.25 with accurate bowling often knocking over the stumps, leaving batsmen shaking their head in confusion. Tony was always at training and, whether he was playing or not , his attendance at matches  was appreciated as he provided encouragement and camaraderie.

Alan Jenkins: Work commitments prevented Alan playing more of a role for the team this season. Still Alan was able to take a wicket and complete two catches for his team mates. Alan is always great to have around, his company and enthusiasm for the team is infectious. Alan is always happy to maintain the scorebook during matches and does whatever is required for the team.

Shane Mcdonald: Shane played in nearly each match of the season and played a key role encouraging his team mates and keeping the talk in the field nice ad chirpy. Shane top scored with 18 not out when chasing quick runs with Gary B. Shane scored 46 runs and took 2 wickets in the win against Heathcote when the team played with two players short.

Trevor McGuire: (83 runs @ 16.6, 13 wickets @ 13.38)Trevor continued to develop his off spin bowling and took 13 wickets with subtle changes of pace, smart drift and spin to bewilder batsmen and send them back to their team mates. Trevor started the season with two scores in the twenties and looked comfortable in each innings. A great team mate to have and top quality fieldsman.

John Mifsud: (196 runs @ 21.78) Achieved a personal goal scoring a 93 against Miranda at Boystown. John felt more comfortable as a batsman this season, established his role as leader of the team and balanced the bowling combinations for the season well. Some inspired speeches helped set the scene for team morale to dominate some batsmen whilst fielding.

Greg Richards: Vis was an absolute rock for the team this season. He took the responsibility of wicket keeping and performed that role with distinction effecting 14 catches and 5 stumpings. Greg opened the batting scoring 277 runs @ 19.8 with innings of 77, 46 and many thirties and twenties. On several occasions he got the team off to good starts for other batsmen to build upon the platform he established. Greg is a popular member of the team and has established himself as a player who makes excellent contributions to team performance.

Doug Ritchie: Doug is another player we recruited to the team this season and immediately he stamped his ability with great bowling and valuable knocks with the bat. Doug often opened the batting and scored 77, 42 and a 40 in his season total of 140 runs at an average of 35 runs. Doug is more than comfortable wicket keeping and showed his all round talent in the final round against Gymea taking catches and a stumping. We know Doug enjoyed his cricket this season and we enjoyed welcoming him in the team. We look forward to seeing more of Doug next season.

Craig Sheehy: (162 runs@14.73, 4 wickets) Craig had a very consistent season with the bat. He looked comfortable all season with the bat batting in the middle order. Craig also impressed while bowling. His total of four wickets did not do him justice for his economy and guile were never dominated by any batsman. His innings in the Grand Final will not be forgotten too quickly and should go in the Club annuals. Took a ball to head, smashed his glasses, received a cut just above the eye which required eight stitches at the local Medical Centre, then was driven back to the ground to establish a 50 run partnership with Paul for the 10th wicket to frustrate the opposition and set a competitive score. Craig was deservedly awarded player of the final and is a valuable member of the team.

John Sheehy: Everything John does on and off the field is a marked with a stamp of quality. John’s season was bigger than the last scoring 587 runs @ 73.38 and taking 40 wickets @ 7.75 runs per wicket. John entertained us all with his 213not out against Gymea (which has gone down in Engadine cricket folklore), 150 against Miranda and his 77 not out against Bosco got the team home with a display of smart batting. Not included in his season’s statistics, John also made a 50 and took four wickets in the grand final victory! This season John also bowled and regularly took wickets against all top order batsmen of opposing teams. The other impressive thing about John is the time he makes available to his team mates and their sons when they approach him for advice or a chat.

Ian Squire: (2 wickets @ 3) Ian took his first wickets for the club this season which was celebrated and enjoyed by all team mates. Ian is a great team mate who makes positive contributions to team morale. Whilst he did not get much opportunity batting this season, the improvement in Ian’s all round game, in all three facets, was remarkable.

Paul Van Ryan: Paul was a mid season recruit who became a very valuable acquisition to the team. He always fielded very cleanly and was consistent with his bowling taking 11 wickets at 13.91. Paul troubled all batsmen when either opening the bowling or at first change with subtle swing and accuracy. Paul also shored up the middle order with some excellent contributions to valuable partnerships to seal many wins and secure big team scores.

I would like to express my thanks to Allan and Judy Lofthouse for the time and support they gave me and the team this season. My appreciation also goes to the committee of this great club for the undeniable support thay offer each player and team. They have always made themselves and the club facilities available. The players of the B7 team appreciate your support. To the wives and families who offered their time to support the team throughout the season. Your loyalty and friendship is appreciated and valued, your encouragement has allowed us to build something unique which we will be able to look back on with fond memories, thank you very much.

Finally a special mention and thank you to a good mate of ours, Gary Furlong. Gary is the team vice captain as well as team manager. He devotes many hours of his personal time organising the team for each match and without his actions none of our achievements and moments would be possible. He always places the team and other players ahead of himself, often volunteering his position for other players to have the opportunity to play. His devotion to the team goes without question. His words of wisdom and loyalty are well respected and his friendship valued.

We have enjoyed a successful season this year men. It was great to have shared it with you all.

John Mifsud

B8 Report

Players: Daniel Tench (capt), Clinton Allen, Anthony Crisafulli, Dean McMillan,

Matthew Terni, Bradley Price, Michael Bedford, Ryan Emerson, Ben Judge, Alex Sambuco,Julian Breen, Daniel Nair, Josh Christison.

This was the third year for the boys to play together as a team, with some new star signings through Ben Judge and Josh Christison who have returned to cricket from a few years off. The boys did their best all year finishing tying last with a good form finish to the end of the year with getting a few more wins to not finish dead last. In the end great all round season from the boys, and lets see if we can do better next year.

CLINTON ALLEN – Clinton was a great contributor to the team, taking charge with the wicket-keeping and was handy with the bat.  Always alert behind the stumps and scored great runs when needed most.

MICHAEL BEDFORD – Another great effort from a keen cricketer. Michael scored runs

off the bat getting those quick needed runs. Great batting performance all season round.

JULIAN BREEN – Julian loves his cricket and is always keen to support the boys.

Julian batted well and bowled well to keep the opposition to low scores.  Good at every position and enthusiastic in the field supporting the boys when they miss-fielded.

ANTHONY CRISAFULLI –  Ant was keen all year to score runs help out in the field and get those well needed wickets to keep up his form from last, unfortunately he broke his foot half way through the season and was unable to get those wickets he so badly wanted.

RYAN EMERSON – Ryan looking great to be playing cricket again and keen to score some more big totals. But through his innings he was surprised how well he could see the ball with getting some big scores but not going through with his innings. Great performances in the field too.

BEN JUDGE – Ben played his first game of cricket this year with a few years of being absent from the game. He started well of with the bat smashing the oppositions bowlers to all parts of the park, unfortunately another hit of the injury list he hurt his shoulder skating and was off for a few games, but came back and scored a good 50 without any feeling in his arm still, well done Buzz.

DEAN McMILLAN – Dean was our opening bowler and managed to take his share of

wickets with getting the most wickets. Dean was also a fine batsman scoring runs that flew past the fielders with ease. Great all season round for Dean. He also gave a few bowling tips to the rest of the bowlers.

JOSH CHRISTISON – Josh played a few games this season but when he played he did exceptional with the bat and ball getting a few big scores with that small juniors bat. He also got some big wickets which slowed down the opposition scores.

DANIEL NAIR – Another fine teams man, handy with the ball and great in the field. Dan also scored a good knock with the bat all year .Dan was very economic with his bowling with getting well deserved maidens.

BRADLEY PRICE – Brad was a fine batsman this year scoring his fair share of runs throughout the season also when he was able to fill in as a bowler he took vital wickets and showed the other bowlers how to do it. Well done Brad! Unlucky to get the all-rounder award.

DANIEL TENCH – Daniel was our Captain and led his warriors to some very good wins

and a lot of close losses.  Daniel was one of our opening bowler getting those vital opening batsmen wickets.

MATTHEW TERNI – Third year of cricket for Terni. He showed many more skills than his first 2 seasons showing that he has come along way. Terni had a few injuries this year (again), but when he played he filled in with some runs on the board and took some vital catches.

ALEX SAMBUCO – Alex was our opening batsmen for the season, scoring big sixes and big totals when he wanted to towards the end of the season.

B9 Report

Players: Blake Duncum, James Barnes, Rob Barnes, Patrick Bird, Scott Boyton, Darren Chapman, Mitch Cox, Ross Duncum, Grant Ebdon, Steve Herron, Mat Hobden, Rob Hobden, Joe Kemp, James Loughran, Sam Murphy

In our second year of men’s cricket it was a learning experience again, we are quite a young team, except for the dads! The highlight for the year would have to be the defeat of St Patrick’s in round 5, the premiers this season. It was set up by a great century from Darren Chapman 128 and followed by 51 no from Blake Duncum to give a total of 278. We then dismissed them for 157.

The team really struggled for most of the season with our batting but we ended in fifth place. The summary of results was, W1st 3, Forfeit 1, L1st 7, LO 1. Our bowling went quite well for the year with the inclusion of Steve Herron, Darren Chapman and Rob Barnes. It was great to have the support of their young families this season at some of the games.

The highlights for the year for our team were Blake Duncum 46 & James Loughran 30 R2; Matt Hobden 3 for 39 R2; Pat Bird 28 R3; Darren Chapman 53 & Steve Herron 35 R4;  Darren Chapman 128 & Blake Duncum 51no R5; Mitch Cox 3 for 37 R5; Darren Chapman 4 for 32 R5 ; Darren Chapman 119 & Steve Herron 40 R7; Pat Bird 3 for 1 R7;  Darren Chapman 44 R9; Darren Chapman 3 for 14 & Steve Herron 3 for 36 R9; Steve Herron 4 for 450 R11; Pat bird 82 & Matt Hobden 54 R13; Darren Chapman 4 for 34 R13; Blake Duncum 36 R13; Pat Bird 69 & Darren Chapman 36 R14.

In summary for the year the most successful batsman was Darren Chapman with 440 runs and an average of 44.0, followed by Pat Bird with 275 runs at 22.9. The bowling award would also go to Darren Chapman with 16 wickets at 7.4 average, with Steve Herron and Mitchell Cox with 11 wickets each.

A special mention goes to our dedicated scorer Graham Boyton, thanks very much for your help this season. We would also like to thank the duty umpires for the season with James Barnes, Rob Barnes, Blake Duncum, Darren Chapman, Matt Hobden and Pat Bird helping out.

I think the boys really enjoyed their time playing cricket this year. Even with all the ups and downs we did it as a team.

Ross Duncum

C1 Report

Players: Jack Becker, Brendan Bolton, Dane Brockman, Kierin Clements, Dale Cross, Cameron Dow, Ben Issa, Keegan Moore, Scott Mutch, Alexander Parker, Mitch Parry, Alex Teuma, Tom Teuma.

C2 Report

Players: Lynden Brewer, Martin Brooks, Peter Cartlidge, Brandon Cross, Mitchell Dibb, Nathan Dibb, KurtFreer-McKinlay, Sam Haynes, Hunter McKinlay, Daniel Sale, Jozef Sale, Rhys Vanderwey, Brent Wallis


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