SSCA Men’s Semi Finals

Congratulations to our following five Dragon’s teams that have qualified for the Semi-Finals games on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th Feb – B1/2 (2nd/quotient, 70 points), B2/2 (3rd, 61 points), B3 (2nd, 75 points), B4 (2nd, 72 points) & C1 (2nd, 70 points). If you have spare time over the weekend please go along and support our teams. Grounds and opponents below, all matches commence at 1.30pm.

B1 – Engadine Dragons B1/2 verse St Patrick’s B1/1 at Heathcote N0.1
B2 – Engadine Dragons B2/2 verse St Patricks B2/2 at Jannali
B3 – Engadine Dragons verse Illawong Menai at Oyster Bay
B4 – Engadine Dragons verse Miranda Magpies at Woronora Heights
C1 – Engadine Dragons verse Bangor Tavern at Sutherland No.2

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