Junior & Senior Teams Announced

Junior & Senior Teams Announced

Our Club Grading Committee has now completed grading the junior teams for the 2017/18 season. Whilst the committee has done their best to accommodate all players’ requests to play with their mates they were mindful of their responsibility of assessing skills, competency and potential. In turn, these factors are balanced against the need to ensure each player is graded at a level that will enhance his/her enjoyment of the game and provide opportunity for self-esteem and personal satisfaction.

Please Note: Our U14 teams have now been posted, but one player from the U14-2 team needs to go into the U14-1 team as only 13 players are allowed to be registered per team in this age group.

The grades for each team will be posted once the SSJCA & SSCA have finished grading their competitions.

Team selections below –

Junior Teams

Senior Teams

The Club would like to wish all our teams good luck for the coming season.

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