Ten Rules of Fielding

  1. Never give up. Chase as hard as you can. The four you cutback to three may be the difference between winning and losing. Winners are grinners and those who never give up grin more often.
  2. Good fieldsmen use two hands. Get your body behind the ball and use both hands. Pick the ball up first before you throw it.
  3. Catches win matches. Trust yourself. Trust your hands. Catching is 80% confidence. 10% practice and 10% faith. Have faith in yourself.
  4. Never knock a fellow fieldsman. We all make mistakes and we all have varying degrees of co-ordination and skill. Help your teammate, don’t knock him. No one is perfect.
  5. Talk to one another. Call “MINE” loud and clear if it’s yours to catch. The keeper calls the shots because he has the gloves. Whenever the keeper calls for it, the catch is his.
  6. Return the ball to the keeper. Listen for his call. The keeper controls the outfield play. If the ball is to be returned to the bowler’s end listen for his call of “BOWLER’S”.
  7. Never take your eyes off the ball, even if it’s not coming your way. You never know when a misfield might see the ball rocketing in your direction. Stay alert.
  8. Call the boundaries. Sportsmanship and helping the umpire by calling the boundaries is a great way to get yourself and your team a good name.
  9. Support one another. Back up., See rule 7. Don’t leave it to one player to chase the ball. Two in tandem can be useful. Player “A” might be a quick runner but player “B” the stronger arm. Combining together in teamwork can cut down the runs. So, use “A” to get to the ball and flick it to “B” to execute the return.
  10. Do not engage in sledging. Set a standard of behaviour with which you can be proud and your team can get a good name. The best way to get rid of an unsporting batsman is simple. GET HIM OUT!

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