Code of Conduct

The Spirit of the Game

The Spirit of the Game involves RESPECT for your opponents, your own captain and team, the role of the umpires and the game’s traditional values

EDCC Code of Conduct


The club does not tolerate bad behaviour or misconduct on or off the field whilst a registered player is engaging in a club organised activity. This includes cricket training. Misconduct includes the use of bad and/or offensive language and improper respect for umpires, be they official, duty, or parents acting in that capacity.


Parents when attending as spectators are officially club members and required to comply with this code of conduct. While we encourage parental support and involvement, club officials must handle all matters regarding the conduct of matches. In particular, this includes concerns for umpiring decisions. If there is need for complaint, that matter must be taken up through the club coach and/or manager and not by personal representations to officials or parents of the opposition team.


Captains of senior teams are responsible for on and off field behaviour of team members at practice sessions and at matches. Alcohol is not to be taken to grounds for consumption during the course of a match.


The club deplores sledging. Sledging is defined as the giving of comments and insults by a player aimed at personally offending a player from an opposing team. Cricket is a game for sportsmen. It should be played hard and aggressively but absent of foul language, personal abuse, and offensive gestures. Sledging is against the Code of Conduct and the spirit of the game.

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