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EDCC exists to promote and provide cricket to all ages

In September the cricket season starts again. EDCC exists to promote and provide cricket for all ages. Kids from Under 8 through to Under 16 and then progressing into seniors. Our senior grades cater for all ages and all levels of skills.

But EDCC offers more. Apart from qualified coaches we have our own Club Room located indoors at Anzac Oval where we provide indoor training facilities. Typical of the attitude that exists within the club, this school holidays has seen indoor coaching clinics for junior members to allow them to get their eye in for the coming season and at the same time receive advice on developing skills.

The club aims to provide cricket for all kids and seniors but not only to encourage playing but to make the game enjoyable as well, something that they can share with mates and families over the years.

Cricket must seem a little daunting to kids who have never played before, but any parent considering allowing their child to commence playing this season in a great Australian sport, should be aware of the fact that U/8’s and low grade U/10’s, the rules have been modified considerably. Regardless of the player’s ability, all children are involved in the game itself and not just sitting on the sideline. They have rotating batting orders, the same number of limited overs for all batsmen, batting in pairs. If dismissed they continue batting. This cricket is called Modified Cricket.

Modified cricket is defined as a stepping stone to traditional cricket wherein the aim is to increase participation in all aspects of the game through the use of “rotating batting” and maximisation of bowlers. While the aim is to win, winning is secondary to developing skills, maximising enjoyment, and ensuring that all players get sufficient grounding to advance to traditional cricket with confidence and enthusiasm.

The pitch length is shorter, they use a smaller than normal ball with a soft rubberised ball, and everyone gets a bowl. The total of each batting pair is added up and each wicket lost subtracts 3 of the pair’s total. The team with the highest run total becomes the winner.

It really is great fun to participate in and to watch. Each match consists of 2 Saturdays for only 1.5 hours each day. Join the Dragons in the coming 2012/13 season.


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