Ken Tever (1994) (Dec’d)

18/01/1932 – 28/05/2007

I can recollect clearly the first time I met Ken. It was 1982. I was new to the Cricket club knew no one really, new nothing. Doing what I thought was the right thing I went along to a Club meeting. In those days they were held at the Tever’s home in Mountain Street. Ken and Val had this big back room where we could all sit around a huge table. I met Ken that night and over the years I got to know him pretty well. And so too Val. They were a great double and a lovely family. Young Craig their son was not only a keen cricketer but a good one. He was senior club champion in 1988/89.

Ken was always there on hand to do what had to be done. Ken and Val used to compile the Club Newsletter on an old Gestetner. They’d type up the ‘stencils’ print them off and compile the lot. Year after year they did this until the advent of computers and photocopiers. We are spoilt these days by comparison. Even right up to now Club Newsletters are collected from Ken and Val’s place in Mountain Street. Ken’s involvement with the Club goes back to the late nineteen seventies and for three decades and more he worked for the club. A little known but major role that Ken played was looking after the club’s interests in the use and development of Anzac Oval. For as far back as I can remember (25 years) Ken was on the, as it was called, “The 527 Committee” the body charged with advising Council on the management and use of the Anzac Oval and complex. With out Ken’s hard work we would have no Club room we would probably be fortunate to have even use of the building. He did more than anyone else I know to foster our interests in this arena. Ken was “just” a committeeman most years though he stepped into the breach in 1990 as President when Alf Lemmon stood down and there was reluctance by others to step forward. Ken held the position through to 1993 and in so doing held the Club together through a difficult period.

When I returned in 1994 he was there to help and advise as he always was. The ultimate Club man was Ken. I have shared many a drop of “Red” with him and enjoyed his company and his love of cricket and the dragons. In a noteworthy and admirable decision both Ken and Val were recognised with Life Membership in 1994 to mark their many years of contribution to the Club.

In closing I should point out that my remarks and recollections relate solely to Engadine Dragons Cricket Club. There are others more knowledgeable than I who might write equally in similar words describing Ken’s contribution to the Engadine Swimming Club, his work in retirement in re-building toys for less fortunate kids, and his assistance to Val in her Scouting activities. Such was the man.

His passing leaves the Club poorer for blokes like Ken Tever are the foundation stones of Clubs like ours and while we will miss his input, his dedication and his long term contribution, we will never forget him while Anzac Oval and the Anzac Oval Complex stands.

If ever there was a person to whom you could point and say “go well thou good and faithful servant” Ken Tever was the man.

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