SSJCA Record Holders

SSJCA Records 1991-92 Onwards

Engadine Dragon players that hold SSJCA records –

  • 16C Batting Aggregate
    665 runs Ryan Emerson (2007-08)
  • 14B Bowling Aggregate
    34 wickets Ryan Marlow (2004-05)
  • 14D Batting Average
    199 Dylan Parkes (2012-13)
  • 12A Batting Aggregate
    576 runs Chris Lake (1990-91)
  • 12C Batting Aggregate
    549 runs Dylan Beardow (1999-00)
  • 12D Bowling Average
    2.70 Simon Andrews (1994-95)
  • 10D Bowling Average
    1.72 Simon Andrews (1993-94)

SSJCA Records Prior to the 1991-92 Season

  • 14C Bowling Average
    2.12 Lance Barrett (1971-72)
  • 14D Batting Aggregate
    503 runs Craig Dow (1976-77)
  • 12A Bowling Aggregate
    80 wickets Greg Heffernan (1975-76)
  • 12B Bowling Aggregate
    76 wickets Ian Cranston (1968-69)
  • 12F Bowling Aggregate
    34 wickets Chad Moodie (1984-85)
  • 10A Bowling Aggregate
    83 wickets Wayne Wishart (1971-72)


In the 1990-91 season the junior competition rules were changed as follows:

  • from time limit to an over limit game, with restrictions on individual bowlers, the number of competition rounds were set at ten. In the younger age groups Introductory and Modified rules were introduced. Because of these alterations it was almost impossible for the old individual competition records to be broken, accordingly it was decided by the SSJCA to move the “old records” to a separate section.
  • Therefore the following EDCC Junior Club Batting and Bowling Records are split into two sections also:
    • (1959/60 to 1990/91); and
    • (1991/92 onwards)

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