Ten Rules of Batting

  1. You cannot score off every ball. Patience is a virtue
  2. You cannot score runs when you are back in the “Pavilion”. See rule 1.
  3. A ball hit along the ground will never be caught.
  4. Batting is a two-man event. It’s a partnership. Results are best achieved when the two batsmen talk to one another and work together.
  5. Talk. Three major words of communication between batsmen – YES. NO. WAIT.
  6. Batting takes patience, concentration and patience. See rule 1.
  7. There are no good bowlers only good batsmen. Your aim is to get runs. 1 is a start. 10 is good. 50, you’re halfway there. 100, start all over.
  8. Running between wickets is an art form. Ten singles is ten runs, beats one four. Look for singles. See rule 5.
  9. Never let a close fieldsman intimidate you.
  10. Deafness to fieldsmen is a virtue. If you’re being sledged tell the umpire. Better still, concentrate on your job and you won’t hear what is being said. Do not respond, it takes your mind off the job. If you want to upset them, stick around, score runs.

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