Ten Rules of Bowling

  1. Speed is not everything. Control is the key to good bowling. Make the ball do what you want.
  2. Keep the ball up. Overpitching is less of a crime than short pitching.
  3. Look after the ball. Agree with your bowling partner on which side of the ball you are going to maintain the shine.
  4. Mark you “take off” point. A consistent run promotes balance and rhythm.
  5. Picture your target area. Think in advance where you want to pitch the ball and focus on that area during run up and delivery.
  6. Encourage your fieldsmen. Never knock their efforts. Praise their work. They will respect and respond to your efforts.
  7. There are no good batsmen only good bowlers. The sooner you see a batsman’s back the better. Be positive.
  8. Do not indulge in silly appeals. Umpires are human too and soon tire of bowlers who constantly appeal in hopes of conning the umpire as much as any other reason.
  9. Keep your head up. Even when you are being hit maintain your cool. Control is the key. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Talk to your captain.
  10. Not every day can be perfect. There is always going to be a batsman about who wants to spoil it. Hang in. Work on maintaining technique. Bowl line and length and think. The tide will turn. Batsmen can’t last forever.

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